The Best Paper Filing System for an Individual/Small Organization to Use

Service OfficeDrop helps you keep your office paperless. They allow you to send in your documents via USPS or email in order to get them into their system. Also, any paper docs when scanned are fully searchable. They allow you to tag and organize your docs as well. They recently added Google docs and Evernote integration, which makes this even greater.



So instead of wasting time in figuring out which file goes where, OfficeDrop does that instead of you. The moment you scan it, they convert to text searchable PDF, plus you can use tags, so you push them into folders. There is 60 day trial period, so check out if this service is good for you. In our opinion they are offering nice storage for starter package, as low as 20$/month, but it’s something that’s worthwhile service, recommended by many.



Check it out:


Office Drop


  1. says

    I guess I’m being a bit paranoid but online storage of sensitive information makes me nervous. Hackers are a determined lot and can into the best of systems no matter how diligent the host provider works at security.

    Please don’t get me wrong, Bojan. I like the features and convenience that Office Drop offers but security is my prime concern. Am I being overly paranoid? How do you feel about this issue?