The Beginning of Digital Renaissance

Getting exposed to the new ideas

I used to be a big hater of television until I met History channel. While some of its content is watered down, it still has a lot of factual information, especially for the outdated, ancient history.

The world didn’t change much. We solved some problems, but with the explosion of the population, we witnessed the rise of the new ones. The way the data transfers now, creates a plethora of combinations to solve our new problems. And we would most likely solve the whole lot of them, had it not been for the dumbification of the global populace.

The evolution of information exchange

From the ancient times, till today, the information didn’t change much, but the way we consume it and transmit it is sparking a new intellectual revolution, revolution of our mind. This allows us to align and work with other intelligent people across the planet.

The mind alliance

There will be the culture on the rise. The culture which values knowledge and truth, and will assemble ambitious intelligent people, that will work in accordance with the required needs of our planet. One that will stop the disease of stupidity, that is plaguing our modern world.

Soon, the dark ages of modern humanity will end with the rise of global mind network, that will wake up from the quiet slumber.

Ideas that win

Individuality will be cherished, ideas will freely flow and they will throw away the tyrants and totalitarian regimes across the planet. We will witness the rise of the independent thought, cleansed from corporate greed and governance. Cleansed from religious radicalism.

The era of the digital renaissance.