10 Most Popular Alpha Efficiency Articles of 2011

It’s been a long year, and you, the readers, defined quite much of it. This is what you choose to read and what peaked your interest. Luckily these topics are also the topics that I am really passionate about. How did Google figure out what you and I share the passion for, I can not comprehend, but he did it. In case you missed these articles, it’s good, because they are going to get an update, because you choose to.

A couple of dirty Smartphone tricks to make you more efficient

Cell phones and smartphones are a hugeee time sink. Managing them is becoming ever difficult, because not only you are constantly with your phone, it’s also your place where you can check all that email that keeps poping out. It gets though, there is at least 5 distractions that can turn your phone into distraction nightmare. Once you go through this article and follow through with the actions you will be able to regain your peace once again and use your phone efficiently.

How to organize your passwords efficiently? LastPass

Last pass you will have to remember

Yesterday I was talking about Xmarks, so I couldn’t help but to write about LastPass. I bet that many of you are security aware, but you are just lazy with passwords. Yea I know, I am guilty of it, in a sense also. Let me tell you how I was managing passwords before I had LastPass, and how I am managing them today.