Success is a Multiplayer Game – How Social Life Improves Your Odds Of Winning

Being surrounded with the right people is worth more than money. Good work ethics, or real thinking are just the tools towards accomplishing your goals, but they got their own limitations. Your life doesn’t exist in a vaccuum, it develops and grows in the social ecosystem.

Nothing gets moved, until social energy starts flowing!

Don’t let the numbers define you. Don’t think that you are stuck in a quick sand in a job you hate. You are one human connection away from having an amazing life. All your problems and issues could be resolved with the right people around you.

Connecting with humans is even more important than everything else that you do in life. You must give to get, connect and exchange the energy.

Connecting with humans depends on your internal energy. Let Your personal power and your positivity shine through.

You won’t always get the energies aligned, and that’s okay. You won’t “win” all the time, but enough of the time to have an amazing life is just enough.

In issue 16 of Alpha Efficiency, I will speak about impact of energy on a metaphysical and spiritual level. Stay tuned for the next issue to unlock your power and achieve greatness.