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I shed a tear tonight! Steve Jobs, may you rest in peace

In my culture it’s not common for men to cry, it’s something to be ashamed off, but in this case it felt approrpiate.  Most of the things I heard about Steve were from a movie I watched called “Pirates of Silicon Valley“, but after I got hooked up about his life story, I had to dig deeper.

‎”Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose.” – Steve Jobs

Not only he was determined, he actually made it.  Jobs life was not an easy one, it started quite hard since the moment of his birth, his mother gave him on adoption.  Luckily his foster parents were really good people and barely managed to send him to the college which he dropped out, luckily for all of us.  He wasn’t afraid, he had a vision to follow!

Steve Jobs is my role model in many ways, I felt connected to him in many ways, although I never met him.  It was not about the computers, the charisma behind him was something different.  He could sell you pretty much anything, and you would be a happy customer.  He was relentless, he didn’t do what others thought he should or shouldn’t do.  He thought that what he does is the best, and rightfully so.  He didn’t need the permission, he just did it.

His speech at Stanford is something that often resonates in my head: “Stay hungry, stay foolish!”  Those words somehow left a deep mark on my consciousness.


I guess he wouldn’t want us to stand around cluelessly not knowing what to do.  He had a vision, and this is just a reminder to all of us, how sometimes we don’t have all the time in the world to complete ours.  There is something remarkable in each and every one of us, remember what we are capable of achieving.

Steve, may you rest in peace, thank you for everything.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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