Spring cleaning: Social Media and lowering information obesity

For a long while, I’ve been using social media across multiple accounts and multiple identities. Had a Twitter account in my native language, another one for English, an account for Alpha Efficiency, and so on… This is a move to tone down all the networks that I am  on.

Cross-posting policies

Cross-posting always seemed like an efficient way to gate content from one network to another. But as I’ve noticed with Tumblr, that might not always be the best solution.

The deal with cross-posting is that it can be awesome if done right. So it takes some experimenting, so it doesn’t end up like spamming. Try it out, don’t over do it, be mindful of your practices.

These save time, but it’s definitively not doing you any good if you neglect your friends and followers on different networks, by publishing ill-formated content.

Simplified Social Media Presence

If Tumblr can’t make it “on its own”, then why bother cross-posting. This is like a longer form social network. Longer than Twitter, Facebook, and App.net, so I will only occasionally manually share what I believe it’s relevant for others.

Whom Do I follow?

Also did a revamp of my social media nutritional habits. And whom I follow. Actually, I’ve repeated my Unfollow all practice, and started following only the people that actually interacted with me, after my warning. Who didn’t see it, wasn’t engaged with me enough in order to remain. So I went down from the 1500-ish following to 35. I expect it to be up to 100-ish accounts that I will follow. Mostly the people who want to talk.

This has been a move inspired by App.net where I am only following talkative people. Anyone else who is out there to broadcast is not a good person to follow too. Twitter for that matter can be a little bit different, as it might be a good information source.

Facebook for this matter was slightly harder to operate. I am constantly unfriending or unfollowing people whom I am not interested in. But this proved to be quite a chore, as I simply don’t have a simple way to do that on Facebook. And losing all your friends isn’t something I want to do.

So I simplified the process and turned it another way around. I’ve chosen my top 15 friends that I actually care about, and saved them all in the same group. Then the link to that friend list, I’ve bookmarked in Safari and that is how I access Facebook. Don’t bother checking newsfeed anymore, as it just dishes out the complete garbage, I absolutely don’t care about.


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    Your Facebook solution really had me thinking. Trying to stay both productive and with refined taste in the sense of what you add to your daily intake of information while having the news feed full with everything is like bringing a knife to a gunfight. Nothing would suffice.

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      Weird, I was just thinking about you lately, was wondering what’s going on with you! How are you Slavko? Glad to have you here again. Let me know what action did you take towards your Facebook consumption.

      Best regards