Slightly different publishing approach

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs like Daring Fireball and Brooks Review, and often I’ve found myself having a desire to write short articles in bursts and just hit publish. For a long while, this simply was not possible on iOS.

Also, I’ve found Mars Edit bookmarklet quite useful in sharing thoughts and snippets from other places around the web, straight to WordPress. This might slightly increase my random content, but I’ll still aspire to leave a blaze of 2 “meaty” articles a week, coupled with 1 weekly review, that usually comes out on Sunday or Monday.

How will this impact your RSS reader?

Well, the posting frequency might increase up to 15 entries per week, but most likely it will be in 6-8 range, depending on the inspiration. That is the 100% increase, so I thought I needed to let you know.

There will also be iOS made only articles, created in @draftsapp and they will most likely contain far fewer links than the articles I write in Mars Edit.

This way I will cover the things as they happen, and generally, write and publish way more useful information. Hope you will like the change, and get the most out of it.

Any thoughts and ideas regarding these changes are welcomed.


  1. says

    Same here. Sometime the desire to ride on the latest news is so strong. I am yet to found something that I can use on WordPress that work with my theme. I might want to check out the Mars Edit that you mention.