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Two Simple Tools to Mold Your Success

For a past month I’ve been experimenting with writing some strong personal documents that I committed to reading and improving every day.

I gave interesting names to these documents:

  1. Source Code
  2. Dream-book

Every day when I wake up, I go through my morning ritual in Omnifocus and I have links inside of the task, so they are there for me to click on them the moment I decide to do them.

Essentially these two documents are just two documents that contain the words that inspire me and empower me to my personal greatness. Let me explain them in little bit more details.

Source Code – Your Source of values

Source code is supposed to reconnect you with your deepest values. Some of these values are going to represent your present state, while others are going to represent the values that you are currently building. Source code is supposed to give you empowering set of principles that you need to “carry in the forefront of your mind”.

By practicing it for 30 days, and improving my original document, I’ve enhanced my personal productivity, because I started acquiring some of those values. It is critical component of my morning ritual. Making it primary weapon of my INTEGRITY.

You see, instead of reading what other people say and do, or watching them, we often tend to forget that the most important role model in our lives should be ourselves. And this is the essential way to redefine your own being and nurture your own growth.

When I am done with mindfully reading my Source Code I move on to my…

Dream-book – Your source of motivation

Dream-book is a document where I compile and save all my daydreams. While I mindfully read it, I try to feel the excitement of those dreams. I can safely say that I am dreaming about California, exciting business opportunities and a lot of leisure time spent in the good weather, while doing my business from a laptop… While achieving my financial independence by the age of 30.

I also have other minor dreams mentioned there, as they strongly drive my meaning and purpose. Some of these include being a world class writer, acting in a movie, playing music in front of large crowd of people as a DJ, speaking 7 different languages…

While I read these, I act as those are happening right now, fueling my energy and pushes me to a new level of my being, thus liberating the reasons WHY am I doing what I am doing. Sparking massive action, or at least bringing life to my slow day. And I do it among the first things that I do in the morning.

The purpose of doing this every day is to reconnect to your purpose. This is what drives you faster on a good day, and this is the reason it stops you from falling down on a bad day. The fact that these documents are highly personal makes them extraordinarily motivational. They are universal in a sense that they are so unique that they will work for you, because you’ve built them, you’ve tapped the energy of YOUR higher plane and recorded it in order to move yourself upwards.

Next steps

Stop thinking about doing it, and actually do it. There are countless people who’ve read this advice in the past, and haven’t put it in action, and than they wonder why life doesn’t go in the direction where they wanted them to go. The reason why they don’t materialize their dreams, is because they’ve never used the power of materialization of their dreams. And first step to materialization are these kind of personal documents. You can call them however you want to, but the power they hold remains the same: overwhelming.

Don’t look into how to guides on how to write your own source code, just go out and write it. It’s your personal document, nobody is going to read it, except you. Change it along the way and you will move mountains.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Brian is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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