Screamer Radio, Music without Distractions

This program is not that related to productivity, unless music helps you focus. What we adore about Screamer radio is it’s simplicity and huge data base of radio stations it reads. It’s really lightweight and you can carry it anywhere with you with it’s portable version that is 3.5 megabytes heavy. If you are frequent listener of internet radio, this application is a must have. We are anticipating android version of this great piece of software. So what are the benefits of listening online radio? You press play and you forget about the music, there aren’t playlists, there isn’t any hassle with changing the YouTube song.

This helped me avoid an army of aggressive house guests that want to change to their favorite YouTube song. My simple comment is: “Do not touch the radio!”. And it really helps you socialize, music is a must have for anyone that’s young, so this provides some distraction free music, without the troubles of playlists that get boring after a while. Screamer radio lets you bookmark your favorite radio stations, so if you get bored of certain music type you can simply switch it. It doesn’t have many features and that’s why we love it. If you find some song that you want to have, you can record it with a simple click.  So instead of my writing you how awesome it is, here’s a little video preview on how it looks and feels like:



I was listening to the Screamer radio, while writing this article. Hope you will enjoy it too.
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    Hmmm… I shall look into this! I covered some distraction free music websites in an article on MakeUseOf (which I can share with you if you’d like), but haven’t heard of Screamer Radio. I shall download and check it out.

    Thanks for sharing Bojan!