Saturday’s Weekly Briefing: Vine Sacked, RSS Readers and 1 Year With iPad Pro

This week was packed with some pretty solid content, and here is what caught my attention, today, and during the previous days. A little bit of tech and digital marketing news, tad bit of productivity and financial advice. Get your Instapaper ready for the weekend reading!

Going Pro With RSS – Reeder 3.0 for macOS

My social media bing is partially related to information addiction. Hence I am trying to replace it. I am using RSS for a really long time, but I feel like it is becoming more of an ingrained habit than it used to be before. After reading this Reader Review, I’ve uncovered a few of the features that I forgot. If you aren’t reading RSS feeds, you definitively should, and this is how my RSS setup looks like.

Vine Transformed into photography app

As a passionate photography geek, I was delighted to hear that Twitter will create something that won’t implicate politics in their product. Twitter team has some talented people, I am excited to see how they’ve changed Vine into a photography app.

Should you be Saving or paying off your debt?

These guys created a calculator that will help you decide should you be focused on saving or paying off your debt. I don’t have a lot of debt, outside of my car payment, so I am not really concerned about this topic. However, I find this idea very compelling, and something that could be worthwhile to my counterparts that have student loans and large sums of debt.

Saving and investing is very future focused and carries the inherited risks. Paying off debt is a mathematically safer route, but practically speaking, there is always an opportunity cost. Definitively something to keep thinking about.

Facebook Fake News Alerts

Feeling content that Facebook is not blocking out what they deem “Fake News” but simply alerting the users that 3rd party fact checkers (that often need fact checking themselves), are not finding the story credible. This is a much healthier alternative than censoring the outlets. Soft propaganda is better than censorship every day of the week.

Timepage: My New Calendar Application

After reading Timepage review by MacStories, I’ve decided to start using it again. I previously bought it on the iPhone, thought it was very beautiful, but not very functional. With the latest updates to the app and clever notifications, I am finding myself replacing the native iOS Calendar app for the first time in years. Perhaps a part of the reason for this is that I see that date on my Apple Watch, so I don’t need to waste space on my home screen anymore. Highly recommend you read the review, and if you want to download the app you can find it here.

Time for macOS and watchOS Update

I’ve been lazy the entire week, this is the news from Tuesday, but I didn’t get a chance to update my technology. After I finish writing this brief I will let my macOS improves itself, while I go grab a cup of coffee. The same applies for your Apple watch. Read more details about the update on MacStories.

Important Read: The Review of One Year of Using 13 Inch iPad Pro

Viticci is sharing here how his one year with iPad Pro looks like. I am pretty impressed with his approach to the iOS, which is somewhat pushing me towards trying the setup myself. I don’t see myself making the switch, as my job is really pushing me towards the raw power of the professional machine, but one big point that was made in the article was that innovation cycle is dramatically faster on iOS than it is on the macOS. The sheer volume and number of users is the reason for this push. This innovation did create some unique and delightful workflows that you can not complete on your Mac. Highly recommend reading this piece, so you can understand what is possible.

Evernote Policy Updates and impact on usage

I believe the entire internet community of geeks got upset when they were reminded that their notes can be read by the actual humans. Evernote later retracted the policy update, but I believe that damage was already done. My consciousness on the lack of privacy that comes from using online services is at the all time high, but you can read my behavior won’t change anytime soon.

Maxims Men Should Stop Believing In

Starting off with a great article on the ways men should stop believing 3 conventional wisdoms. I do not necessarily condone the criticism of these maxims in its entirety, but it definitively holds merit.

Your Most Important Thing Is Not Enough

This short piece blew my mind away, because it really pushed me not to settle down on how much I can accomplish in a given day. It will be 2 minutes of your time that might motivate you to push to another level of productivity.

AdBlockers and PPC

My career as a PPC specialist always forces me to keep up with the times, and be on the lookout for the next best thing, but today, I saw a controversial article that after giving it a little thought makes complete sense. See why PPCHero believes that AdBlockers are Helping the PPC Industry.

I believe that this comes two-fold:

  1. Users that despise ads will not generate impressions and accidental clicks.
  2. As described in the article, it will force publishers to be more mindful of their ads. Selling ad space on digital will be more complex, and will require more skill (more advertising jobs, yay!). Ultimately nicer internet will benefit everyone.