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What differentiates the Rich Person from The Poor Person?

Rich Person vs Poor Person

By examining the behavior of successful people I came to various different conclusions about their take on efficiency. Rich people don’t like trading time for dollars. And you couldn’t blame them. We have to make clear distinction between who is rich and what that really means in the first place.

Serbian Dinars

Rich people actually take matters into their own hands. Rich people are leaders, and they don’t put in the effort into something that requires someone else to take the responsibility. When you put responsibility into someone elses hands, you can say goodbye to your personal productivity.

This might offend some people, but as long as you are working for someone else, you are not working for yourself. With that kind of attitude, you are actually thinking as a poor person does. If you are not investing into yourself and your own business, you are going to stay in the position where you are.

I have numerous claims against employment, and I believe that if you are employed somewhere and you aren’t developing business of your own seriously, you are not working on your personal productivity. If you aren’t motivated to escape the grand rat race, you are a slave. And you are going to remain as such. Some people are happy, but freedom should be everyones ultimate goal.

If you prefer that other people take control over your life and have ultimate say on weather you will get your money or not, than you should go and persuade someone that you should get a job. Put in work, so someone else can benefit from it. Yep, it’s free market out there, but as long as you are doing the things, that everybody else does, you are going to get the results, that everybody else gets.

I didn’t make these stuff up. So the choice is yours, are you going to be poor, or you are going to be rich. Being poor is a path of least resistance. When you have money at your disposal and when you are generating revenue for yourself, your personal productivity sky rockets. Rich people know that they need to pay other smart young individuals up front, so they don’t have to. That is the power of efficient thinking.

Are you managing your life in an efficient manner? Do you have what it takes to become a productive individual in the society?

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

14 responses to “What differentiates the Rich Person from The Poor Person?

  1. You are right on the spot. Working for yourself, even without immediate profit, sky rockets your productivity as you said. And the best part is you are doing that with delight. I guess that knowing it’s all for you (not only the profit, but rather the experience, whatever that is that you are building etc.) makes you perceive work in quite a different fashion.
    I guess that’s why rich people that are working for themselves always feel slightly different about work than people who are working for others. They find work not as something hard, but rather as something pleasurable, fun, addictive, even.

  2. Good thoughts here. However I would like to add a couple things.

    One, “weather” should actually be whether. (Just a small typo)

    Second, I do like your comparison between “rich” and “poor” and how ultimately these two statuses are created and defined by our individual habits. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t necessarily say that a person who works for a company that they don’t own, can’t have those “entrepreneurial” habits. Those habits aren’t just for running a business, but they also play a tremendous roll in personal finances (which has a direct impact on being rich or poor). The only difference is that people who run a business are often more conscious about what they spend their money on, so typically these habits are found in business owners and are considered “entrepreneurial.”

    I feel anyone can have these habits though, and running a business isn’t for everyone. That doesn’t mean having the habits that make a business successful isn’t for everyone though — everyone can and should have those.

    1. Thanks for the typo remark, I will fix it. I agree, running a business for everyone. But in the long run, everyone of us should consider their retirement.

      This article was written in emotional state, so I might exaggerated some claims here. It takes guts, and skills.

  3. Taking another approach, I assert that money does NOT buy happiness. Serious poverty will contribute to unhappiness, but everything else is in the middle. Happiness and doing good in the world comes from inside, not from your bank account. Who do you know that is happiest? Usually it’s not the “richest” person you know. I define “rich” as quality of life, family, and friends…

    1. Being rich, doesn’t equate with having a lot of money. Being rich is about having a lot of time AND enough money to live the life the way you want to. Under your terms. That is true happiness.

    2. I find that running you own business and being successful brings you happiness, not Joy.  I agree with you Bruce, although having an affluence in wealth does help!

  4. Hi Bojan, I’ve sent you an e-mail, but I wonder if you have received it. Please let me know if I used the correct address. I write you here because I can’t send you a DM on Twitter. 

  5. Shhhhhhh Bojan, don’t tell them!!! haha Just a bigger advantage for us! Plus we’ll need employees someday 🙂

    Love your thinking and you’re right. Not sure I agree with the slaves comparison (even though I know what you mean). Just thinking getting paid, benefits, and a constant paycheck isn’t THAT BAD. lol People don’t have to be entrepreneurs to make a good living.

    But to be RICH, you’re right. Gotta work for yourself! There is a definitely a different mindset. You really see it in America’s election right now.

    Great stuff man! Look forward to the next posting!

    1. Hey Michael, awesome seeing you on Alpha Efficiency! Some people are just wired to having a job. Not everyone want’s to be rich. They just want their cozy existence, where they don’t have to think to much. One of the things that I hated about network marketing is calling this type of people sheep. Security is really important, and on top of working for yourself, being rich is about taking risks, and having rock solid inner game. I believe I should rewrite this article some time soon.

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