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Book Review: “Evernote Essentials” – Does it deliver the bang for the buck?

Being Evernote junkie as I am, I couldn’t help it, but buy the book that Evernote teased my eyes, each time I’ve checked out what’s new in the Trunk. I’ve decided to take some time after I’ve read it, and I’ve after I’ve read the update of it, to let you know what I think about it.

Evernote - Remember anything

Overview of the content:

This book is simple, well structured and neatly organized. Design makes it easy as breeze to read. You are acquiring it via, which is my trusted website for purchasing information products. I have read this book within 4-5 hours of purchase it and found some cool information inside of it.

There are 22 Content worthy chapters, and that is how the book is divided. First part of the book is written on “Evernote Anatomy” as Bret likes to call it, dissecting all the features it has, and that pretty much covers half of the book. If you have Evernote for any longer amount of time, you are already familiar with all of these functions. Now after these “For Dummies” chapters come “the meat of the book”. Some of the chapters include: Evernote for bloggers, foodies, programmers… Evernote as: Address book, task manager, filing cabinet…

On the other hand I was already using Evernote for quite a while at that point, so I didn’t draw out as much out of it, as I would at the beginning of my Evernote journey. If you are an Alpha Efficiency reader for a while, and you are using Evernote for any period of time, I am quite sure that you won’t find it valuable to invest 25$ into this book.

Final Conclusion:

My final conclusion is that for 25$ investment, you as an experienced Evernote user are getting slim value for your buck, if any. Also I find it irresponsible that book didn’t update along with major updates that the platform itself went through, but it was late and caught up 6 months later instead. Good thing is that at least update came around and included some new stuff, but wasn’t that major.

Ultimately this is the book for absolute Evernote newbies. If you are new to Evernote, and you want to skip the learning cycle and cut to the very basics, without figuring stuff on your own, Evernote essentials can be a time saver and a wallet drainer.

Great Cheaper Alternatives:

If you are using Evernote for any longer length of time, and you already got the hang of the basics while you want to increase your productivity with Evernote, I will highly encourage you to consider: Evernote Unofficial ebook, which is only one fifth of the price, but provides some deeper insight into it’s use. It is written for the followers of GTD methodology.

Now instead of buying this book for tips and tricks, you can checkout my Evernote articles. They are neatly organized under the Evernote Tag.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

8 responses to “Book Review: “Evernote Essentials” – Does it deliver the bang for the buck?

  1. Bojan, thanks for the honest review. This is what I had suspected about “Evernote Essentials,” but there was no way to be sure without shelling out the $25. Too bad they didn’t call it “Evernote for Dummies” to make it clear who the intended audience was.

  2. Do you think it will save you any time over the next year?  It is always difficult to tell how valuable something is in terms of price because everyone has a different idea of what their time is worth.

    1. Ideas from that book started saving me time immediately. I was already practicing my own version of GTD in Evernote by the time I was reading the book and a lot of things were correlated. Gaining a couple of tips that improved my own system and saved me time from the get go is valuable for me.

      If you want some free tips in similar fashion and don’t value your time 5$, than you could reimagine your own system based on something that I used to practice and I found worth a while:

  3. I couldn’t help it and shelled out the $25 for the book, hoping I would find some hidden tricks.  When Borjan said the book is for a newbie, he wasn’t kidding.  It is very lite on content.  It only took a couple of hours at most to breeze through the book and I picked up very little.  I would only recommend this for someone who just downloaded Evernote and had not made a single effort to understand it, a true newbie. If you have played around with the program at all, you will get very little from this book.  At $25, it is way overpriced.  I would estimate its real value at $5-$10 tops. 

  4. Bojan, I fully agree – and in the State’s this is $29.95 US — really outrageously overpriced, regardless of what’s in it for the current times.

    Dan Gold’s Evernote Unofficial Guides (c)2011 is an author of choice for me for this type of content. I’m hoping he’ll produce a next edition or a fresh and more advanced sequence by 2013. There are being LOTS of changes to Evernote almost as we speak.

    Also – have you reviewed the brand new Evernote Moleskine resource yet?

    While I LOVE Evernote via my Apple MacBook and even my Android phone (at least for now until Feb 2013 when i have a Sprint smartphone update option) — my iPad2 is REALLY wonkily slow and inefficient with it since the OS update a few wks back (Sept 2012)

    Are you using an iPad – and if so, are you on Apple’s newest system with it? (almost forces you to be…actually – at least so far in my experience.)

    Delighted to find you – and appreciate your review-posting.

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