Book Review: 60 Mountain Lion Tips by @MacSparky and @ttscoff

A while ago I’ve noticed a huge buzz about this digital book that came to existence, and being passionate about all those Mac tips and tricks that ease the use of your Mac, I had to give it a go.

iPad Preview

iPad Preview

Are you the right audience for this book?

Are you a passionate lover of your operating system? Mountain Lion is built on a Unix core, and has endless possibilities, but learning and applying the right one’s might be a daunting task and by the time you learn them all, the new OS might come out.

I’ve been happily playing with my Mac since I bought it 2 years ago, and it came with Snow Leopard. Upgraded to Lion, and now Mountain Lion, and all of those transitions left me dry from getting used to single OS.

And I’ve thought I’ve learned a bunch of tricks over time. But when I’ve started watching 60 Tips for Mountain Lion (and yes, this is the book you’ll be watching), I’ve found myself amazed at how much I didn’t know. Deep knowledge of the core of the system has allowed two of our nerd Jedi’s to figure out the plethora of functionality that came built in with your OS.

The content

The nature of the video content makes it really hard, almost impossible to describe with a written word. But some of the goodies you will find include these chapters:

  1. Mountain Lion itself (with 20 screencasts)
  2. Default Mail app (empowered with 6 screencasts)
  3. Spotlight (Extract the power of search and bring it to the whole next level with 6 screencasts)
  4. Keyboard and keyboard shortcuts (become a keyboard Jedi with these 10 screencasts)
  5. Terminal: This chapter has only 3 screencasts, but it has more of commands required to extract it
  6. Third Party Apps: Includes short reviews of cheap or free apps that are followed with 7 screencasts.

The price and the value

The price of the book is 6,99$. The value of the book is so much more. Especially if you get the iPad version. It’s nicely crafted with the help of iBooks author, so if you go with the epub, you will really appreciate the effort of crafting the amazing user experience behind this interactive guide.

For me, Mountain Lion is a cornerstone of my productivity, and having access to these amazing tips, restructured the way I am approaching my machine, and that equals a lot of value in my book.

The quantity of the tips

Even though I am considering myself as power user of computers in general, and I love to thinker with all the extra options they allow me, I was dumbfound with all the little things I’ve learned from this book.

And the story doesn’t end there. I watched the whole book again, after two months, and I’ve managed to scrape a whole lot more of information, that slipped my attention the first time.

Guess I was excited so I forgot the tricks that blew up in my face, that I simply didn’t pay the attention to the fine details that David and Bret included. Adrenaline got the better of me.

That completely snatched my attention from the small tips, that are also very practical.

Final words

As I said, if you are working long hours on your Mac, love the shortcuts and tips, getting this book will be educating and entertaining material. I don’t have a custom of writing these overly positive reviews about books, so you can get the idea about my excitement behind this one.

If you are on Mountion Lion, treat yourself with 2 hours of pure Mac Force that these two nerd Jedi’s over deliver.