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Results of weekly Pomodoro Experiment Part 2

This week I didn’t meet the weekly goal, but it was substantially better than the last week. My worse day was Sunday, where I was recovering from the weekend, and couldn’t complete anything apart from book reading. I also got sick.

The way I felt on the days I’ve completed the goal

It was absolutely exhilarating. Knowing that I’ve completed the planned tasks for the day, made me feel immense freedom with the rest of the day. The best way to go about it, was when I completed the tasks early in the morning. Everything after that was free time, as my daily routines were already completed.

The sense of regained freedom is amazing.

Tasks that I’ve completed the most

Obviously, the reading part was rather easy to complete. I’ve finished the Tony Schwartz’s “The Power Of Full Engagement”. The book was shorter than I imagined, so I moved on to the next short book: Mike Vardy’s “Pre-Productivityist”.

Loved the writing style in Mike’s book, and managed to cram it in one Pomodoro, which was completed on my new iPhone 5. The new screen size is better for reading than the smaller 3.5 inch iPhone 4 screen. It makes it rather doable.

Second in the line was the Writing Task. Now I couldn’t consistently deliver the usual quality work that I am used to, but I could force myself to write without inspiration. As long as I am building it, it’s all cool.

A task that I’ve failed

Publishing. I simply could not publish on daily basis. I was never certain enough that my work was on par with what I want it to be. This has something to do with publishing anxiety, as I like to refer to it lately.

Plan for the upcoming week

I want to keep it real and make the upcoming week a bit more successful one, and a little bit more achievable.

If I have three daily things to complete, I want them to happen on every day except Sunday. On Sunday (and Saturday evenings) I want to completely disconnect from my working life. The cult of Sabbath is omnipresent since the dawn of time, and I believe it is there for a reason.

This means that for the upcoming week, I am going to expect 18 Pomodoro’s, while publishing one will be the most important task throughout every day, and will start with it every day.

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