How Reading About Blogging Made Me A Worse And Less Productive Blogger

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I have came to conclusion that all that material on blogging had more hindrance on my writing style, than it improved it. I have a feeling as if following the blogging success rules I detached from my own path and produced weaker content than I usually would.

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The act of reading on the topic of anything doesn’t allow you to grow in that certain area of your life. What you are to do instead is to minimize the reading and actually focus on doing what you read. Read very little, and DO a lot! The whole process of learning through reading will give you confidence, but won’t give you any practical experience. Even when you read “enough”, once you hit the work and start doing something, you will feel disempowred again.

And that feeling will lead you to, you guessed it, MORE READING! Avoid that nasty habit. I was there, and it ain’t a happy place.

From the bloggers perspective I did a lot of things, other than blogging. Let’s not forget all the SEO and Social media optimization that I was going through! All that fuss about blogging for money made me view my blog as something that I have to do profesionally, instead of casually with joy and fun. It might improved your view on this blog, but it certainly didn’t improve my opinion on what I do.

And what I did, wasn’t fun in the long run.

Now let’s learn a point from this short thought stream of mine. In order to be productive at anything, you need to relax and utterly enjoy what you are doing. You can just let go and do it for the fun of it, whole heartedly! There is no better way to grow as a blogger or any other profession for that matter, than embracing the joy of what you are doing.

In this day and age having an internet access that only third of mankind has a privilege of using is a blessing. Show gratitude for that privilege! Most of us take our internet for granted, but it’s far from that. Especially with Copyright mafia wanting to pass the laws that will smother our amazing internet freedoms!

No longer will this blog be tied to high quality standards that will prevent me from publishing articles, nor will I suffer for resenting optimizing articles for SEO. Blog is what it’s supposed to. A platform for individuals to share their thoughts with the rest of the world!

Don’t buy into that blogging marketing crap, that’s going to promise you internet riches beyond measure. Blogging should be something you enjoy doing, rather than something you detest. What I specifically hate about those blogging guru’s is the way that they are forcing you to create value for your readers in some weird form of optimizing every single thing for them.

If I was doing that, than my blog simply wouldn’t be unique. Following too much of misguided advice can do you more harm than good. Tend to focus on the meaning of your own work. Help it spread and grow.


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