How One Working Saturday Started Personal Productivity Revolution

It struck me. The bliss came down on me, and struck me like a lightning! My alignment shifted, and set me a blaze of action. The feeling, like you’ve just woke up. Seems to me like I wasted a lot of my time on waiting, wishing I was somewhere else creating my future. While building my future was supposed to be happening RIGHT NOW! I am talking about my financial future and my way of living. And it hit me hard on emotional level.

How this article started?

My company had a great week, that much of a great week, that they started taking us from marketing department on weekends to help with packing of the cough syrup. I busted my back, as it involved a lot of standing, and manual labour. The labour which my spoiled self is not used to. Only kind of labour that I used to so far was knowledge work.

This time I spent full blown 8 hours of working on somebody else’s fortune, while investing my most precious resource, time. On top of the time that I was already giving to the company. And it’s not really expected for you to say no.

So it went through my mind, that some people are actually making a living like this, and this is the only route they took. Some of my friends would argue that they didn’t have a choice, but the choice is the only thing we have. And I disregarded this argument.

I praise this shabby experience of working on Saturday in my personal time, as it thought me a valuable lesson about the people that don’t run their lives proactively. That sit around all day, and wait for someone else to decide for them what they are going to do. I am writing this article in hopes that you won’t be that person!

So what’s the big thing?

The big thing is Figuring out the most important thing in life: what you want.

I was listening to amazing things throughout my life, regarding passive income, early retirement, but it haven’t struck me as much, as when I started working my first office job. I didn’t find it as important, until I felt on my own skin how does it feel to be overworked and underpaid. At least for a day.

The company I am working for is not bad, people are decent and the pay is ok (for Serbia). But there is that little underlaying tone of the office, that tells me deep inside of me, that people resent coming here, day in, day out. They hate it! I can tell that, by listening how happy they are about going for a vacation. I can hear it in their voices when the weekend comes. I can see how they are eager and happy to leave the office, as soon as the executives leave.

Somebody might argue that I shouldn’t complain, and that I am doing really good. But that leads us to the death of all human potential. And we’re here all about our potential and realizing the most out of it.

Complacency keeps us stuck in dead end jobs

My coworkers aren’t happy here. But that kind of unhappy, that you keep telling yourself, that it’s okay, it could be worse. Level of unhappiness that leaves you complacent. And for the whole time, you are doing something that you don’t like. And you are caught up with that stuff. Over time I realized also, that if it wasn’t for this work, I wouldn’t be spending my time with my coworkers. And most likely, they wouldn’t spend time with me either.

What baffles my mind, is that these people are easy on overtime, they are going to trade their time, like a commodity. What do Alpha Efficient people value the most? Their time! The realization that you don’t own yourself anymore, made me contemplate about my freedom and lack of it. And it also made me realize how I desperately want to be free. I knew what freedom meant when I was younger, in a true meaning of that word. Now it’s time to get it back.

The route out of the prison

Than I thought some more, and I remembered how numerous people living in the developed world are stuck in the massive debt, paying their mortgage, paying the vacations they couldn’t afford on their own. So people around the world are stuck with their jobs, and are too afraid of the pain they are going to feel, when they lose their monthly paycheck. There is that massive fear preventing them from taking massive action.

If the salary doesn’t kick in, than everything they’re paying back is going to go away. Perhaps you are one of those people. How does it make you feel that corporate world owns you? Unfortunately I can’t feel with you, as I am don’t have a burden of debt. But I am struggling not to fall into one. I don’t even have a credit card. Ironic for someone who graduated banking. That faculty gave me the knowledge for life, how I want to treat banks and their “products”. Ignore them!

Starting the journey of freeing yourself, starts with a step of cutting down on the things that you don’t need. Do you really need the house that you are currently paying the mortgage for? You think you don’t have option? Why not consider moving in with your parents while you figure out a positive cash flow for your rent. You always have options… Before you quit reading this article, I want you to bear in mind that you do have options!

The Group Effect

The gravity effect of the group sucks in your individuality and critical thinking, changing it into the group mentality. If it’s okay for others, it’s okay for me too. It comes not only from the working environment, but also from your friends and family.

Choose carefully your sphere of influence, aspire to hang out with the people who’ve already achieved your next step. Obviously you can’t hang out with people who are at the dream level, as you aren’t near your dream level, but hanging out with those people who are just one step ahead is reasonable and easily obtainable.

They are going to be the proof that you can achieve the thing that you’re presently struggling with. If your next step is to quit your “job addiction”, than friend someone who already is living on his own terms. He doesn’t need to be Tim Ferris, but he might be your freelancing buddy that works from home!

This way you are countering the group effect. You will have two conflicting groups, and choosing to be the part of the better one will help you nullify the noise of the people who can’t wake up from the Matrix of the social conditioning.

Reengineer your life. Start with little things, and aspire to achieve financial freedom. If you truly want to be productive, you have to start producing for yourself, and not for someone else. That is the only way to put your time out of the financial equation. And truly start living.


  1. pamalaclift says

    The culture works to keep you enslaved. They make you buy insurance, restrict transportation with out it, health care, home ownership.. to make a business you have to pay fees that do nothing but detract.. It is very hard to break out. But you can live with less and grant yourself the freedom and autonomy that you need, but it is hard work.