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Productivity Report for May, June task and Fire bonus

Okay guys, I am really satisfied with past month, and I want to share it with you, the good and bad. Not everything went perfect, because there were external factors that maliciously interfered my plans. I was jogging between 5 habits and somehow I was managing it to great extent considering the circumstances. Not every day I could complete all 5 of the tasks, but I would do 3-4 of them, at least! I need to push it to the next level in June and luckily I am inspired and eager to do it. Let’s get to the unforseen event that made a confusion in my plans:

On my way back home during one sunny day, I see firefighters in front of my building. I knew that my Godfathers flat caught fire, but I had no idea it was this troublesome. Entire rooftop of my building got devastated and fire fighters were fighting the flames for whole 4 hours. Isolation between the walls caught fire also, and they had literally to destroy the walls in order to breach to the fire.

pozar u visnjickoj banji

That was a complete disaster. But that’s not the end of this horrible story. Water started to rush through instalation flooding my flat, and pretry much everyone who lived under my Godfather, including me. That water made huge fiasco by flowing through instalations, because entire building was out of electricity and remains that way still.

I was productive, I was in the house as they were fighting the flames, I removed my carpets, I knew what was preparing. I left bowls on the places where water was dripping, used towels to pick up the water that was pouring down through walls and told my Father to get me the plastic bags for the floor. Productivity in crisis situation is something we desperately need, so I will keep you posted on how to maintain good mindset in tough times such as this one.

Regarding my habits, there are some improvements. I got back into the gym and started doing cardio. Months and months of sitting lifestyle, where I was struggling to achieve more and get myself closer to where I want have left a mark on my body. I got bigger and slower. Thankfully, I didn’t skip a day of working out so it had it’s positive sides.

When it comes to writing, I had ups and downs, but I kept the tempo up, and I was publishing and writing new material pretty frequently. I can’t say that it’s my top priority at the moment, but I keep dishing out, in order to maintain a momentum.

My eating habits improved tremendously. I decided it was about to time to quit old habits, by making a big cut. Unlike other skills, where I had to introduce them bit by bit, eating habits, don’t work the same for me. So I made a huge jump and moved to clean protein diet, with minimals carbs and fat, to undo, what I did to myself in past half a year. It’s my own variation of “atkins” diet. I am gonna run it for 6 weeks and than, find some sustainable modus operandi for my nutrition.

To back it up, I am regularly taking Vitamins and Minerals. It affected my health greatly. I don’t believe it’s Placebo, I didn’t get sick for past 2 months. Which is simply put great. I feel way better about everything, not to mention how it affects my productivity levels.

And on top of it all, planning. I wasn’t planning every evening, as I intented to, with night rituals before sleep. But what happened? I started planning time, through out free bits of time. My planner, became way more important, than checking email. If you have a habit of fanatically checking your email, maybe you should change it for zealous. From all the time management techniques I implemented, this one made a breakthrough. I will write about it, so stay tuned.

I couldn’t do any of this without writing my habits down and checking out on what I want to achieve. By knowing the goal is to improve myself greatly and knowing what is the prize that awaits, I can push through personal resistence, that you will encounter during the time that we devote ourselves to change.

Habit building is really something, I highly recommend it anyone! If you want to improve your life by a milestone, copy me. One new healthy and good habit a month, and you are landing yourself on the path to good solid foundations of success.

I almost forgot! My new habit for June is to hit the bed early. For starters it’s gonna be up till 2 am, the latest that I will hit the bed, unlike 4 am, that used to be so far, hehe… End goal is to rise up in 5 am, in order to have those precious moments where world is asleep and you have that zen like peace, saved jealously just for yourself.

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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