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Productivity report April – putting different habits into action together

It’s fourth month, in my new years resolution. I’ve implemented many changes in my working environment that lead to increased happiness and overall satisfaction. I want to go through the habits I’ve developed so far.

January – Working Out Every Day
February – Writing Every Day
March – Implementing Better Eating Habits
April – Daily planning each evening

January and February habits are sticking and they are delivering the results. My body is carved as during the days I’ve been hitting the gym the most. It’s becoming a walk in the park, and the amount of pull ups and push ups. It’s going through ups and downs because of my health issues, that somehow persist. It’s nothing dramatical, but my coughing isn’t going away. It might be from allergy and minor cigarette smoking.

Regarding writing, it’s getting better and better. The quantity of my writing is increasing, I might still not be publishing out articles on daily basis, but I am certainly writing way more than I used to. It became a routine. In order to improve it, I started reading books on English. Don’t get me wrong, I am reading all the time, but rarely some hard books. Currently I am reading “Notes from the Underground” from Fyodor Mihailovich Dostoyevski. He’s one of my favorite writers ever, but reading him on english is such a pain. Thankfully my iPad, has dictionary implemented in iBooks application, so all the new and hard words, are explaiend the moment I meet them. Hopefully this will reflect on your reading experience over time.

Also I wrote quite a number of articles on my cell phone, during those waiting times. Forcing myself to produce every available moment. Filling in the time wholes with meaningfull creational work is well worth it. It made me produce and create in otherwise impossible conditions. If you don’t own a smartphone and you can’t afford it on your current budget, you can always buy small notebook and pencil, there is no excuse.

During March, correction of my eating habits was absolute fail, but in April the quality of food I am consuming got better. I am eating a bit less, avoiding sweets, completely excluded Energy drinks that I used to drink on daily basis. I stopped ordering food, as I used to do during winter time. I do include some fresh fruits on daily basis, but it still isn’t at the level where I want it to be.

And newly acquired habit of making daily plans in the evening, it’s going quite well. I found that gTasks and Google Calendar helped quite a lot, as the way I recommended those two. I found out that most of the time, you can’t achieve everything that’s on the list, but somehow I feel that I achieve more, because I know what I am doing. Writing your daily goals is utterly helpful and from this perspective I can certainly claim that, when you know what needs to be done, there is higher percentage of you actually doing it. There are various different small tasks that I would forget doing, if I didn’t wrote them down. Schematic for my daily agenda is used from one of my older articles: “7 simple steps to plan your day perfectly”.

Massive improvement that some of you might consider counter intuitive is that i started actually working less. That especially stands for the weekends, which I spend mostly outside. I am learning to relax and take breaks. I definitively am getting back into work rhythm. Carefully balancing myself so that I don’t overwork and force myself into boredom. I reinitiated my social life (which was going through quite a crisis during winter). Unfortunately this lead me to a lot of going outs to the clubs with my friends, which lead me to some unslept days, such as this one. Being sleep deprived literally kills your productivity.

Taking time of from my various gadgets is beneficial. But from what I noticed, my desktop is kinda a biggest distraction. Plan is to make it a home entertainment center, rather than working area. I get so much more done on my new Mac Book (get some cool tips for Mac here), rather than on my desktop. Also carrying around light weight iPad instead of my MacBook Pro, prooved as quite good investment. Okay, maybe I overdid it, now I have to many tech pieces in my environment, but this was the last purchase, at least until the end of the year. I need to drain the money invested in all off those devices and pull out the highest possible value out of them.

Overall I am more content with myself, and balancing between different life goals can seem like a constant struggle. But learning the art of discipline is something that separates mediocre from extraodinary.

What’s the plan for the next month? Agenda for old habits:

  • Working out – This month I am pushing it to the next level, and I am going back to the gym again. I am huge fan of home fitness, but social aspect of gym is healthy. You are surrounding yourself with like minded people, who are motivating you to succeed. Plus the sauna is great way to relax and clear your mind. And as addition, there will be included frequent cardio trainings.
  • Writing – Beside writing, I will re cultivate the habit of reading, but instead of scattered blog reading, there will be more focused book reading. iPad is making that a breeze, with iBooks. I want to put out more guest posts and teach art of productivity to as many people as possible.
  • Eating healthier – As I am coming back to the gym, I am going to completely ditch the junk food from my eating menu. Not even “for fun” eating. That is garbage and my organism needs clean energy in order to maintain highest productivity levels imaginable.
  • Planing – I want to make planning core and essential part of my life. So far I was satisfayed with a jotting down a couple of ideas for the next day, now I want to take it to the next level and start planing weeks on each Sunday.

And as a new habit, I will supplement my daily nutrition with various vitamins and minerals. I always have them by my side, but since I don’t see instant gratification of taking them, I tend to forget to do it completely. I don’t want to wait to get sick in order to pay attention to my health.

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