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Predictions 2012: 10 productivity upgrades that we are waiting for

2011 was a great year for productivity. Tons of great apps came out, some of the old ones got better, and Apple pushed out iCloud that changed the game completely. Google polished it’s Android with Ice Cream Sandwich. Lots of great great things changed the way we work, share and entertain ourselves.

But we as a human race always strive for better. And there are things that we at Alpha Efficiency are eager to see in upcoming year. Here is the list of the things that we think are going to be a massive game changer. iPhone app

Zendone is the new service that integrates your Evernote with Google Calendar, and helps you manage your productivity ecosystem to a new level. It’s only flaw is the lack of mobile access. Mobile became a great thing for me. Of all my devices, smartphone is the most important, and hence Zendone is not usable for me yet. Their developers confirmed on their Twitter account that Zendone for iPhone is on it’s way. It’s going to be awesome for anyone who won’t push 100$+ bucks to get OmniFocus suite. In certain occasions it’s even better, because of awesome Calendar integration, for those who don’t use iCal.

OmniFocus – Evernote integration

As I was scouring through OmniFocus community forums, I have found there is a lot of demand for integration of these two awesome products. OmniFocus team is working on brining even better user experience for all of us note junkies. This is going to be a huge game changer, since it will allow us better, frictionless experience. We’re also expecting OmniFocus 2.0 to show up.

iCloud powered apps

Apple has pushed out API for it’s iCloud service, which will allow app developers to jump on it, and make some additional functionality for the users. I can see a lot of required syncing will improve over time, since those servers are cutthroat fast and competitive. It’s not something that’s going to be game changing, but it will speed things up. One of those improvements that we will forget to notice as we use them more and more, but we’ rely heavily on it.

Launch of Quad Core tablets and smartphones 

This will narrow the gap between the mobile and desktop technology. Soon enough the differencies in software capabilities on mobile device and “static” ones are going to fade away, and merge into a unified system. This will allow other players, apart from Apple to make consistent experience across all of the devices. Variety in choice will enhance competitive environment of IT world and lead to further price dropping and increased innovation. As well as higher quality applications that you make once, and they work everywhere.

Windows 8 

Entire of the corporate world is still tied to Microsoft vision, and there is no denial about it’s supremacy in the corporate world. It’s also going to put a strong aim at tablets, hopefully Windows 8 will extend it’s reach on the smart phones as well. Urgency for a high quality ecosystem is getting stronger and stronger, as for the time being Apple is alone at the throne, and is soon going to put a diamond on that crown with:

Apple TV

Apple TV is the technology that we are waiting for in the entertainment department, but it’s productivity capacity is also huge. Just imagine all the seamless Air Plays, you can push out, or WiFi screen mirroring with your iPhone / iPad. Thus turning those mobile devices quite capable of performing big tasks. Or just imagine a board meeting, where you pull out iPad and instead of showing keynote and passing those around, you just mirror your screen and play your keynote on the big screen.

Wider Adoption of Social Media within the companies

Facebook and it’s newsfeed inspired global communication and streamlined the share of content world wide. Google Plus followed and made awesome platform that can perform really well in collaborative space, helping us achieve more, faster and better. For the time being Google is the only one offering social networking for business users, so aside from waiting bigger user adoption, we are also waiting for the competition to join the market and offer some intuitive and powerful solutions for collaboration.

Rise of Peer 2 Peer Internet

As SOPA and PIPA will come into force soon after the New Year, the rise of peer to peer internet will follow. There are already successful projects, guided by the people who predicted the law coming into force and developed a new form of distributed DNS, that works on the similar way as torrents do. This will emerge the new internet community who will boycott copyright and spread information like wildfire. Torrents will become increasingly popular and ways of detecting them will be ever harder for ISP’s to find out.

This will increase knowledge distribution amongst less developed countries with developed IT sector, like China and India. Completely loosing the point of enforcing those kinds of laws in the first place. Piracy will blossom and creativity with it.

Higher level of integrations amongst services

All sorts of products will be “Facebook ready” or “Google ready”, with certain level of autonomy. Home appliances with WiFi will become available, while consumers will rush to own a new internet powered “gadget” or appliances, which will gather information about us and share it with marketers for better product placement. This will lead to more targeted and interesting adds, that will increase productivity among companies who will use this sort of advertisement, because of cheaper and laser precise customer acquisition.

New Voice Controlled assistants

As Siri spreads throughout the market, competitors will try to remake voice controls of smartphones and other gadgets. Some will succeed, some will fail, but overall, we will be able to do certain tasks while driving and commuting, that we couldn’t do before. Input of data will have another channel and smart tech savvy users will learn to take advantage of that.

Majority of these upgrades will speed up the progress of internet (some will regress it) and redefine productivity as we know it. New jobs will be opened, old jobs will shut down, but never the less, it’s going to be a year of faster change, slightly faster than we are used to.

What are your predictions for 2012? How will technology influence your productivity in 2012? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

One response to “Predictions 2012: 10 productivity upgrades that we are waiting for

  1. Thee sound like great technology advancements. Largely centered around Mac of course. However they do not necessarily translate into productivity enhancements. Distributed technologies have given rise to new business models and new freedoms for entrepreneurs. Connecting people on a global scale has distributed work such that entrepreneurs can delegate work to people in China and India while relaxing on the beach doing the 10% of their job worth doing.

    However this is not necessarily a productivity increase. It is a change in the way we focus. We are now focusing on what we do best and leaving the rest to someone else. Distributed technologies have enabled this capability.

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