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A PPC agency helps you optimize your marketing strategy. The search for the best PPC strategy is never-ending because of the evolution of search engine algorithms. But, a professional PPC agency will advise you that keyword tapering and single keyword ad groups (SKAG) are the best at the moment. Depending on time and budget, you’ll choose what is suitable for your PPC campaign in Schaumburg, IL.

Main PPC strategies

Keyword tapering

Keyword tapering is investing a low amount on a keyword before expanding. So, you won’t lose much if the keyword does not lead to many conversions. It gives you a learning window to know more about the valuable search terms. Keyword tapering works like a supplement to the SKAG strategy. It works almost like a negative keywords list to narrow down the targets.

Single Keyword Ad Groups (SKAGs)

SKAGs are single keywords that come as a package of ad groups. It’s a PPC strategy to;

  • Reduce ad spend
  • Improve click-through rate (CTR)
  • Increase the quality score

With SKAGs, you will target a wider audience using one keyword. It’s much better than using many keywords.

What to look for when searching for a PPC agency in Schaumburg, IL


A research-driven agency for your PPC in Schaumburg, IL, will improve the quality of your campaign. It’s because they have to learn more about your audience and keywords. It puts you at a disadvantage because you might not achieve the desired results.

The value for results, analytics, and data

PPC offers an advantage because you are in control of your marketing plan; you can follow the results, analytics, and data. A PPC agency should be passionate about looking at the campaign’s metrics. Everything will not always go to plan; so, it would be best if you had a responsible organization analyze the data and determine the successes and limitations. You won’t have to depend on optimized targeting to push your campaign. It’s important in any niche, but especially when creating a PPC strategy for eCommerce.


Honesty is essential in business because your investment is on the line. A PPC agency handles your brand. So, they should be open about their;

  • Tactics
  • Timeline
  • Results and expectations

You can tell if some promises are out of proportion. For example, a small ad spend won’t deliver significant results. Also, ask about Google Ads targeting expansion and how it affects your PPC campaign.

Their strategic partnerships

Despite PPC agencies having first-hand data, they should also partner with other players. An ideal partnership is with top social media platforms and search engines. It’s because partners access updates and changes to PPC, and they’ll apply the same to your PPC campaigns.

Communication plan

When you invest in PPC, an agency should guarantee you a communication plan. It does not mean they’ll be in touch with you around the clock. But, it should be a realistic plan you are all comfortable with. Consider that they are working on your campaign and have other clients.

Local SEO

The majority of online users search for businesses near them. Local SEO optimizes your campaign to fit such searches. You don’t want to get left out of the trend. Statistics show that businesses with local SEO have many store visits because of the searches. So, ask for local SEO to maximize the traffic for your PPC near Schaumburg, IL.

Problem-solving skills

Running into a problem is not the end of the world. A PPC agency should give you alternatives to a goal rather than reasons they didn’t achieve it. Marketing is unpredictable, so be ready for surprises.

Mobile Optimization

Mobile searches now count for more than half of search engine results and clicks. So, designing for only one device, like a desktop, is obsolete. You need to optimize for mobile to give your campaigns a broader target audience. To learn whether PPC agencies optimize for mobile, inquire about;

  • Mobile device bid modifiers
  • Display and mobile-optimized ads
  • Their thoughts on mobile optimization
  • Previous results of mobile campaigns

You need web design services to complement the PPC plan.

Relevant portfolio

A PPC agency’s portfolio speaks a lot about their work. You will learn more about their strategies, views, and results. Scrutinize other issues such as the following;

  • Industries
  • Platforms
  • Partners

Inquire about research and the strategy they will use, and get a good overview of what you are most likely to achieve.

Final thoughts

It will take long before you choose an agency for your PPC near Schaumburg, IL. It’s because you have to do your homework. Our PPC company in Chicago checks all the boxes. Let us handle your PPC to drive you to more results. Schedule a call with us today, and let’s develop a strategy that works for your campaign.