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A Philosophical Journey Into Why You Should Get Into Cryptocurrency

Gen Y and gen Z are at the precipice of the wealth distribution. As we’ve missed the boat on Dot Com bubble and boomer managerial expansion, we’re just in time to disrupt the foundation of all systems: 80 trillion dollars large financial system. However it will disrupt many other account and data tracking services. Crypto is attacking large multitude of very large verticals, and as such it is a multi trillion dollar industry, beside the coin valuation itself. By the time crypto is finished with disruption, we won’t be defining its value in the terms of dollars. Things will be measured up against the dominant crypto asset of the future.

Since Breton Woods agreement the financial system was stacked up against the people. Historic wealth creation post World War 2 has signaled the times in which humanity centralized unprecedented wealth in the hands of the few billionaires and millionaires at the expense of the middle class. Centralization of wealth caused disruption of traditional lifestyle, as we culturally moved to mass conformity, complacency and degeneracy. Cultural impact in Occidental civilization has shook the foundation of family values leaving devastating consequences for nuclear family. Enter Crypto currencies.

Building A New World

Crypto currencies have a huge chance to build a parallel system of value, in which governments have no or little say in currency creation and no possibility to dictate interest rates and money supply, which are needed for governing the monetary policy of a world. Next era is decentralized, and easily disrupted should it stray from its path of providing value to the networks users.

In 21st century, we came to a point where we can trade goods and services on block chain, without having the bank as intermediary, and hence, we gave birth to a new economic system. I’ve been personally using (not investing) Bitcoin for 4 years and counting, without any hiccups. Most of the time, fees are lower than PayPal and Bank Wires, and transactions happen in real time.

This self sustainable eco-system is a major threat to the banks, and it is also a paradigm shift to cash. The evolution of block chain exploded in last three years, and we’re at the beginning of world wide user adoption of global monetary currencies. Crypto and block chain are basically the new internet, that is upholding the principles of net neutrality, as well as building the new principles as to how we perceive and store value.

The rise of crypto currencies could not have happened without two conditions:

  1. Nixon’s abolishment of Gold Standard, where he fundamentally transformed the world’s economy. The severity of this change gave birth to “fiat” currencies, that are backed up only by the tax payers future wealth. If it wasn’t for fiat, there would be no space for evolution of digital currencies. Because fiat is the transition from gold standard to digital signature inside of the centralized banking servers, where the nature of money transformed. This gave birth to further digitalization of money and introduction of financial inovations such as credit cards. By early 1990s user adoption of credit cards reached a point where cash started becoming obsolete. This further expanded with cash back, loyalty programs and other ways of moving us further away from hard cash.
  2. Trump’s Timely Deregulations of Financial System – With the demise of CFPB, its inability to be a police officer of the financial system, reduction of government funds for the regulatory bodies, there was enough space in the financial eco system for foreign institutions like Binance, Bitfinex and other exchange players to operate in murky regulatory waters. This left enough of the room for speculators to inflate the value of crypto to a point where it started to spark interest of the public at large, and help raise world wide awareness of the disruptive potential of digital money. Now crypto needs

Crypto has an ethos of “Will To Power” which was followed by all the technological revolutions, but in its inception lies the fundamental distrust of the traditional financial systems that it seeks to replace. This tendency of the major participants that are growing power players is shaping the future of this system. Veris in Numeris (Strenght in Numbers) creed is two fold:

  1. Strenght of the numbers – truthfulness of the mathematics and numbers in defining the value
  2. Strength of the numbers of people using the network – the more of us that use it, the better it gets.

The risk reward ratio makes this a rare opportunity that could have huge implications on your future. I understand that some people lack vision, and clairvoyance of the future is a hard thing to accomplish, but that’s where you amplify your imagination. Unimaginable things happen to those that “will them”, as there is more to will than just obtaining wealth, it is about regaining your digital sovereignty and renegotiating the contracts with the system that keeps you enslaved, depriving it of only thing that they crave: “To control you.”

A true human is not a slave, and he seizes the opportunity to stand up to those that oppress them. Will you stand up?

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Brian is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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