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Phase Three Of Quitting Google: Email

Of all the things Google, most important service to quit is Gmail. It still feels awkward the feeling that you know that something is reading your emails. Why would you trust Google with your most important private information? It never made sense to me.

As I’ve stated before, Google is freely and openly giving entire of it’s database to the government (not only Google). So the solution is to move away from USA based companies, which is short term thinking, because the laws in other countries are usually following the USA. So instead of looking for third party solution, I recommend renting a server, or setting one up, by yourself.

Country that I recommend is Holland, sine there, net neutrality laws have taken effect. Having  your own servers insures the highest level of integrity possible. If it’s too complicated for you to do it by yourself, you should hire someone to set it up for you. This way you have an additional level of protection over your data, and you aren’t being mapped out willingly by third party companies.

Other temporary solutions would be to move away from Google servers alone. I’ve started using email for some of my mailing needs, but overall, whenever something is confidential, being off from the commercial internet might be a smart idea.

Do you feel the need to move away from the commercial internet? Do you have your own email servers? Let us know in the comments!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

4 responses to “Phase Three Of Quitting Google: Email

    1. My current hosting company is USA based, and under CISPA regulation, it’s pretty much secure the same way as if you would use Gmail.

      I already saved my email to Apple mail client, thanks for the share though! Highly appreciated.

      I would also recommend those email servers in Germany that you’ve recommended as temporary solution for the people who can’t setup their email servers, right away

  1. And yet, we can invite you to hangout on Google+? That’s funny.

    I recently came to the same decision… that the services Google offers are not worth all my personal data. So, I use a paid email host based in Canada that has never responded to a US warrant. I don’t have anything to hide — I just prefer to keep my privacy, rather than exchange it for access to Google’s toys — and I admit, their toys are pretty cool.

    For me, it’s simply a matter of understanding that exchange (my privacy for their apps), and deciding whether or not it’s a good deal. For several years, I thought it was a good deal. Now I’ve changed my mind.

    1. Glad to see you’ve changed your mind. Now to explain my misfortunate Google Hangout comes from my huge dependancy on Google and it’s traffic for the time being. My author rank is getting me ranked pretty highly on quite the number of their searches, and I would shoot my goals in the foot. I rarely go to Google+, but the number of followers is also determining the rank.

      Will fix it, as we speak 🙂

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