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How to organize your passwords efficiently? LastPass

Yesterday I was talking about Xmarks, so I couldn’t help but to write about LastPass.  I bet that many of  you are security aware, but you are just lazy with passwords. Yea I know, I am guilty of it, in a sense also. Let me tell you how I was managing passwords before I had LastPass, and how I am managing them today.

Last pass you will have to remember

Before my internet business, I was security aware to an extent.  I had 3 level of passwords (4th one being public password that I shared with my friends).  Level 1 password was set for sensitive financial information, such as PayPal, Payoneer and other money related websites, like my bank account information.  This password was also controlling my Gmail that was securing these accounts.

Level 2 password was set for my social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.  It was important segregation of my internet security.  Quite often I will log on unknown computer in a net caffe using this password, so I made sure it’s different from what I am usually using.

And Level 3 Password was used for pretty much everything else on the web. Especially for phpBB forums and similar, because they are especially risky when it comes down to hacking.

As you see, this was rather complicated system to implement easily. So I started loosing it, especially after I go through my yearly password revision.  And still not having the secure system on the level that I wanted it to!  I had to find a solution and simplify the entire process!

The solution was LastPass. I started using single password, that’s not associated with any of the accounts, for all of my internet identities.  And I started changing all those repeated passwords, so that each one of them was unique.  Now this made life rather simple, I didn’t have to memorize anything, everything was seamlessly in sync, across all of my devices.  I was happy! Until one day, I was changing email address of LastPass account.

I have wasted quite a lot of time in ensuring my online security and gave this vested thrust into an online service that keeps all my passwords in one place! I was petrified when I lost access to LastPass.  It would mean I would loose all those passwords that I easily forgot, because once you loose the password, they aren’t sending you the new one! (Which is awesome, because it means that they don’t have the access to your passwords and your sensitive information, it’s all encrypted on their website).

So naturally I wanted to find a solution to memorizing all the passwords, without writing them down.  Now I don’t want to share my personal pattern of creating the passwords, because that is sensitive information, but I will give you the idea to expand on, that I’ve seen on YouTube.


I wish you a safe internet existence, and remember to implement LastPass!  If you are having troubles using mnemo techniques in order to memorize all different passwords, try my old password management system, it’s pretty good, but not flawless as the way mentioned in the video. And psst, don’t tell anyone about the power user trick! Premium LastPass works on Android, iPads and iPhones as well!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

2 responses to “How to organize your passwords efficiently? LastPass

  1. I’m a big fan of 1Password. When I first had to decide which password manager to use, I decided to go with 1Password and loved it. So I never had a chance to check this one out. Although if I do remember Lastpass got hacked a while back.

    Great thing with 1Password is that you can sync your key over Dropbox so all your 1Password app on iPhone/iPad can use it too.

    1. Lastpass didnt get hacked, and even if they did, database itself is highky encrypted.

      They had a problem with their emails of user base being exposed, so they asked users with weak passwords to change them, in case someone got a hold of the database.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Only reason why I am not with 1password is the fact it is MAC only.

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