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Desktop vs Mobile Conversion Rate – Why Desktop Converts Better

Though mobile visits account for the majority of drop-ins to webshops, mobile conversion rate is still way behind those evident in the desktop conversion statistics. Stats show that smartphone traffic to retailers worldwide is at 56.2% compared to 34.5% for desktop. Despite such a huge difference in traffic, mobiles are converting at 2.25% while the … Continued

Amazing stats that will change the way you look at Landing Page Optimization

An excellent landing page is one of the most crucial aspects of marketing optimization. Creating a meaningful and alluring landing page will do wonders for your inbound marketing strategy. This is why marketers are continually working to optimize their performance. Since landing pages are a digital medium, there is an incredible amount of statistics and … Continued

How To Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Not so long ago, visitors looking at different websites from their phones were forced to switch between classic and mobile views. In the beginning, consumer expectations for mobile-friendly website were far less critical than today, since mobile technology hadn’t yet grown past its infancy. Nearly a decade has passed since then and merely having an … Continued

Fire Your Agency If They Are Using Broad Match In Your PPC Campaign

PPC marketers rely heavily on data when planning the next step for their campaigns. Although it is a no-brainer to say that campaigns should be targeted towards transactional users, it can be hard to know which keyword concepts bring benefits to your advertising efforts and which are relentlessly wasting your time and money. As a … Continued