New Column: Website (and People) Recommendations from Bojan’s RSS and Twitter List

As you live your digital lifestyle, you are encountering a lot of websites that are quite a great resource for improving your life. I am not the best content curator, but I do spend an awful lot of time reading great content.

Finding content that is great is a full-time job, and considering that I am living and breathing RSS since 2012, I am safe to assume that my RSS skills are quite formidable and cemented over the time.

Besides sourcing RSS reader, I also divulge a lot into my own curated Twitter lists. I would consider myself a Twitter power user, as I’ve probably generated tens of theme-ed Twitter lists, that deliver me the information on every niche that I cover. From Apple to Politics all the way until Cryptocurrencies.

My diverse interests are always focused on helping you make the right life and business decisions, as well as making the right choice of technology, or cryptocurrency.

Therefore I’ve decided to cover the sites that are enduring and surviving in my highly curated RSS and Twitter selection. Some people read newspapers, I read the internet. In each publication of the column, I will review the site, expose a few great features it provides, as well as articles that have left me intrigued for the day.