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My Year in Review: 2012

The New Year break is over. There was plenty of time spent with friends and spent actively, and being actively disengaged from the virtual world. And I loved every moment of it. There is a funny new year’s eve resolution that I’ve announced on my personal Tumblr: “I am going to completely disengage from my iPhone when I am surrounded with other people!”

So far I am working on it. I am very conscious if I am breaking it, and if I fail, I notice and then I get back on track.

Yearly review

I’ve been working on my yearly review, and I can only say that I am totally satisfied with 2012. A lot of important things happened, and I’ve managed to accomplish one of my biggest life goals, that I’ve set for myself so far. The fruits of that labor are going to be apparent in a couple of months, and they are creating a massive irreversible change in my life.

In 2012 I didn’t have a resolution. That year was different, and it was influenced by Leo Babauta’s “No Goals” approach. And even though I haven’t written my goals down, seems like I am living with my goals at my heart. And I’ve managed to accomplish everything that I’ve set my mind to.

I’ve failed a couple of projects, and completely gave up on them, but those were the things that were kinda “introjected” into me, and not entirely of my own will. It’s a funny phenomenon, that I will cover at some point in the future. Sometimes people can introject their own ideas and agendas and make you steer away from your goals. While this is a story for an entirely new blog post, I will only say this: it’s super important not to give up, and get back on track.

What was accomplished?

Wrote my first book

I finally finished the 7 Steps to Alpha Efficiency. Now, it is the time to start the dreadful work of editing and fixing it. The technical side of it all. It was one of the longest and toughest endeavors I ever accomplished in my life. I believe that writing your first book is going to be the hardest achievement in your life.

Wrote 160 blog posts

There were 160 great blog posts written in 2012. Some of them were more successful than the others, some broke all the records, but eventually, all of those made me a better person. I’ve learned not to hold up, and just publish it. That is one of the most valuable lessons of 2012. Even when I had the controversial angle on things.

There is going to be a lot of criticism hurled at your writing and your personality, but you have to view all of them from a clear and open mind. Because if you take it personally, you will end up frustrated and unhappy. And you can’t operate in that frame of mind.

Built a new body

I’ve completely transformed myself this year. It involved a lot of hard work and determination, but I’ve done it. My physique is now at it’s prime. I’ve never looked and felt better my whole life. For the past 30 days, I’ve been resting, but starting from tomorrow, I am getting back to the gym, and working out, more than ever.

Learned the hell lot about willpower, self-discipline, motivation, and nutrition. This knowledge is going to bring me an even better body in 2013. When I’ve set myself to have a movie star physique, I know I am on the right path to achieve it.

Became a more patient person

When you are waiting for something, you tend to get frustrated. But in a way, my wait was prolonged, prolonged beyond my imagination. And now that it’s almost finally over, I’ve come to a conclusion that I grew my patience tremendously.

Of course, I am talking about my immigration paperwork process, and how long it took me to complete it. And now that it’s almost done, I see a massive transformation in my personality. Quite possibly this is the biggest achievement that I’ve accomplished in 2012.

Brought my immigration process to the final stage

I believe that this waiting game finally paid off. And I’ve used this time waiting to the best of my abilities. Now I am on a good way to become an American and achieve my lifelong dream of living in the USA.

It is one of those things where you can’t really believe you’ve managed to accomplish because, from the position you were in, it seemed almost impossible to complete. But seems that luck favors the brave, and I was brave and took risks and did it with clear eyes and full hearts. You can’t lose that way. Because even in those cases, defeat is not a lost war.


I will remember 2012 as a year where I’ve been waiting a lot, and doing things with a big reserve, as I never knew when it will come to the moment when I would leave my country and go. But regardless of that, I gave my all, as much as I could.

It was also a year when I had my first day of work. It made me comprehend better the people who are working and creating a business for themselves.

The field is completely set to start 2013 the right way. My review period and my “location” is over. And I am getting ready to launch my first product and massively focus on my mailing list and deliver value for all those who are following me on my transcontinental journey.

As this is my first article in 2013, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I want you to join me in 2013 with lots of guts, courage, smart work, dedication and determination to live the lives we desire NOW, and not in the future.

Let’s conquer ourselves today, and keep pushing to the limits, surprising ourselves of what we are capable of. Make this year, a year of discovery of our personal powers.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

2 responses to “My Year in Review: 2012

  1. Wow Bojan, sounds like not only was 2012 a great year for you but 2013 will be even better. That’s awesome of everything you were able to accomplish. I know you’ve wanted to move to the US so sounds like that’s in the works now that all of the paperwork is complete or in the final stages.

    I’ll be excited to see what the new year holds in store for you. Watch more transformations take place.

    Thanks for sharing these with us and I’ll wish you the best of luck. Happy New Year!


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