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Improve your efficiency with appropriate music genres

It’s been scientifically proven that music can elevate productivity. But effects of music vary depending on the genre. I was doing a research and found many information that back up some of my observations. I am sure that you’ve noticed that when you listen to lively music that has a lot of energy to it, you started twitching your legs and get them to jump without you consciously and willingly do it.

Productivity Music

There are many other benefits of music that are positive on the long run, especially regarding health. Listening to good music can elevate your health levels and increase the capacity of your immune system. Healthy living is one of precursors for increased efficiency. But little do we know about the types of music and their effect on employees.

Big billion dollar corporations hired psychologists in order to figure out what is the best music type that will increase employee productivity. They are reporting that with careful choice of music, overall efficiency rate can increase from 2-3%! It doesn’t seem as a big of a number, but overtime those numbers add up…

Also large shopping malls have the same group of people, who is carefully choosing the music depending on the time of the day. So if it’s the mid day of store, they will be trying to retain their customers as long as they have to, but if it’s approaching the closing time, they might be putting a music that’s a bit faster, trying to hurry people up. Next time you go to mall, try to notice this.

Calibrating different music genres during the day can lead to varios positive effects on your life in general. For instance, in the mornings I like to listen calm music, that will match up with energy levels of my body, in order to have gentle wake up, while I am doing my morning workout routine. This varies from ambiental sci-fi music with sounds from deep space, up to classical music, including Mozart. This is one of my favorites:


As the day advances and energy levels start to rise, I switch to something more energetic. My personal preference is Digitally Imported radio (you can find it at, channel Vocal Trance. I also like a local radio station that plays commercial house music. I don’t like mid day music to be to much, hence I love to include some vocals and melodies, such as this:


If you need to study, you should focus on music without vocal component. It’s utterly important to turn of the voice, because it might interfere with our memory. So instead of remembering the information we need, we might memorize the words from the song, which is counter intuitive.

When we have boring and repetitive task at hand we should listen to the more agressive and repetitive music, that will put  into the rhythm for faster completion of boring task, possibly making it even fun. Industrial rock, techno and minimal are good examples. Just to avoid too much of electronic music, I will showcase some industrial that I like:


In case of doing creative work I try to focus on something that is inspiring. When you are writing you can allow yourself to dive into emotional music that will help you empathize with your readers. If you are drawing you can tackle into something that helps you visualize. Shpongle is one of my all time favorite projects when I want something different and inspirational:


Let’s not forget, that we can learn more while doing tasks that don’t require your mental capacity, and aren’t strictly boring. During those autopilot tasks, you can listen to podcasts on your favorite topic and develop yourself even further in the area where you want to achieve higher results.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

9 responses to “Improve your efficiency with appropriate music genres

  1. Great idea! However, the effect of each music genre on each of us is not identical. I have friends who are exhilarated by classical music. If I were subjected to that, my productivity would be immeasurable (deliberately chose this word) because it would be non-existent.

    1. @RAAckerman:disqus I can agree with that one. Different music types appeal to the different crowds, hence have variable effect. These examples were just a guideline and inspiration for someone to pay attention how music affects him and how to draw best out of it.

      1. There definitely are certain genres of music I wouldn’t listen to be productive.  I feel they would distract me due to my dislike of them.  Classical and Country are probably the two worst culprits for me.  

        I actually find I can focus more playing, believe it or not, metal or punk.   Granted, there are varying levels of intensity and quality in metal.  Some of it is extremely melodic… others not so much, but still good for repetitive tasks.

  2. Music plays such an important part in my life. Listening is great. Playing and performing is even better. I think that is because I get the best of both worlds. Good post. thanks.

  3. What awesome tips! Music is so important to our overall well-being. Do you want to know something? I wake up every single morning with a song playing in my head. I always am so thankful for that. It’s like I start my day in harmony!

  4. Hi Bojan!
    This is very interesting! I do find I’m affected by music but never really took the time to orchestrate my day with the appropriate music! I enjoy listening to Mozart for calming, use various different music tracks for my Reiki, healing work, and if I need a boost, I’ll play upbeat dance music.You’ve got me paying more attention to it!
    Have you heard of John Scatman’s music!? Really cool!
    Have a good one!

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