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Mobile Writing Productivity Elevated To A New Level With ByWord

I can spend hours on end on my gadgets and devices and not feel tired. What makes me feel tired, is if I am using them unproductively. Some days I just feel like that I don’t want to work. At all.

And I used to give myself an excuse for those days. I have been putting myself in the frame of mind, where I don’t want to do anything, because I would have to move the computer. And so I got to this point of writing this article.

I found deep appreciation for this tool. It’s called ByWord. It’s simple text editor that syncs with all of my tools. It’s a constant reminder that I can write anytime of the day. It’s in my pocket. It’s on my iPad. It’s there.

It leaves literally no excuses for not doing your work as a writer. That is the right approach and right mentality to working. Work needs to be beside you no matter where you are. It became essential part of my blogging workflow.

There is always opportunity to do some high quality work. And usually the inspiration comes from the situations where we aren’t able to do any sort of work.

Living in 21st century leaves a lot of opportunity for knowledge worker. The fact that we have the tools that we have, will render pretty much everyone of us a content creator.

This is giving a lot of power to the people. Too much power in fact. One of the jobs of the future will be the content curation. There will be soo much information out there, that having someone disect it and look for new things will become a full time job.

Technology alone won’t be able to help us, because the people are the ones who dictate the taste. Machine won’t have an opportunity to sense a new trend. I bet Google would love to be able to do somethng like that… But machines aren’t omnipotent as some of us would like them to be.

Creating and curating. There is also a new kind of product out there. Information product. And I am all up for that. It does require copyright industry to live still, but information has to be viewed as a product in a way.

Creating an information is a full time job in an of itself. It’s not an easy job I might add. Writing an article, editing for grammer and spell checking, publishing it, making it visually appealing is a form of art.

All of that becomes possible with ByWord. It’s really cheap, costs around 3$ for iOS and 10$ for Mac. Bought together, they are worth every penny! It can sync all of your work through iCloud and Dropbox, which makes it an amazing writing tool. It’s in your pocket all the time!

If writing is your profession, you really don’t have an excuse not to treat yourself with this app!


Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

8 responses to “Mobile Writing Productivity Elevated To A New Level With ByWord

  1. “Writing an article, editing for grammer and spell checking, publishing it, making it visually appealing is a form of art.” I cannot agree more. And what’s more interesting is the fact that  it will be valued far more than what it is today in years to come. Exercising the trade right now, and polishing the skills, will be the thing that will set apart content creators- a profession that is now on the rise, just like you said.

    1. Always love reading your comments on Alpha Efficiency! It’s a delight to see your name and your thoughts shared here. I can’t but not to notice that your writing is getting better and better as well.

      Stay focused, push through your path until it becomes clear!

  2. I’ve found that Evernote is my writing app of choice. It’s very similar to ByWord in that I can capture content no matter where I am and it stays in sync across every device, including a web app. I think the added benefit of Evernote is it’s ability to easily capture photos, files and audio right into the content.
    How would you compare ByWord to Evernote and why have you chosen ByWord over everything else around?

    1. It’s just a matter of taste. Evernote is not being my writing basket anymore, since I pull everything out to Scrievener. And Byword is obviously everywhere to me, same as Evernote.

      I have one less click in order to create in Byword, and I have cleaner interface. When I am wiring I don’t need text editing.

      It’s more of a matter of taste, than of some big change. If you want less clicks and cleaner interface, than this is the tool for you. If those two things aren’t important, stick to what works!

    2. The best aspects of Byword, for me, are that it understands Markdown, and that it works effortlessly with nvAlt.

        1. I do, and I keep meaning to write a little script that will open a new post in Marsedit and paste directly into that. I’m just too lazy to spend a couple of hours to save 10 seconds.

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