Minimum Effective Dosage

Increasing your productivity with methods like GTD will often be impossible task for 99% of us. Following GTD is like following a diet, at first you believe that you are 1%, nut when the ball starts rolling, you quickly realize the hardships of completely overhauling your habit system.


And that is exactly what GTD is, a habit system. And if you have been practicing unproductive habits for the most of your life, jumping from the abyss to the top of the mountain will be almost impossible.

Identifying the few disasterous habits, and slowly changing them one by one will lead to long term results. Imagine your productivity improvements as regular gym workouts. If you do to much of it, you may result in an injury. When you are injured (burned out of it), your progress will stop completely, as compared with someone who was following the Minimum Effective Dosage.

The biggest problem that we face in our productive hours is procrastination. This illness prevents us from doing the right thing at the right time, in order to prevent the pain.

It is in human nature to avoid pain as much as humanly possible. Laziness doesn’t exist in an of itself, laziness comes from the fear of pain. Becoming more productive means expanding your comfort zone, until you start completing the most important tasks the moment they reach you.

All of this means that having a solid foundation of Inner Game is a must have, than “nice to have” as most people think.

Productivity doesn’t come in a form of a system, it comes in a form of a midnset. Forming your mindset will set you free from your environment.

Only about 2.5% of knowledge, generates 99% of the results. Find out what is 2.5 % of knowledge in your work field! Those 2.5% are called Minimum Effective Dosage.



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    Really like your observations and especially this sentence:
    “Productivity doesn’t come in a form of a system, it comes in a form of a midnset.”.

    I totally agree that GTD is a habit system perhaps that is the reason it takes two years to fully implement. In order to main it you have to practice the habits.

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    I totally agree with what you wrote about practising unproductive habits and forming new habits step by step. I just discovered this method of improving productivity by changing habits and it seems to be working for me. Now I am working on expanding my comfort zone.

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      How would you rate your personal productivity? Really glad that you took your productivity to a new level, small changes, massive gains.

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        Thanks for taking your time to reply to my comment. I have been a very disorganised person for a very long time. I used to spend lots of hours in front of my computer, but that time wasn’t proportional to the amount of work done. Now I have everything scheduled, got rid of distractions and formed new working habits such as waking up early, doing MIT first, almost no time for TV, etc. I get much more work done in less time and still have some time left to work on my blog. So far so good.