Mind mapping and goal setting – Materialize your inner reality

If you are a long term reader of Alpha Efficiency, you know that I am fascinated by Mind Mapping. Mind mapping helped me through high school, it helped me through college. It just turns out to be really useful technique to cram vivid images of your knowledge and help you remember.

The potency of this method is extreme. I remember high school stuff that I was mapping out to really vivid level. Biology courses and anatomy still resonate in my visual cortex somewhere up there in my brain.

Lately I’ve brought this concept to something that doesn’t relate to learning. I make my goal maps. Goal maps help you always have a clear image on what are your most important areas of life. And I revisit them daily!

If you are an OmniFocus user I recommend that you include your goal maps as the part of your “morning routine” context, where you will put the picture of your mind map and devote 5-10 seconds daily just to check it out and remind yourself.

Apart from that I am recommending that you do beautiful mindmap, that resonates with clear images and ideas that are behind it. Make it artistic, materialize your dreams and goals. The more real they appear to be, the more likley they will happen.

Also, what I learned from goals is that you need to know what kind of price you are ready to pay for them. If you have goals, without the price tag that you are willing to pay, your chance of success is substantially lower.

Make goal maps part of your morning ritual. Make it count!