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March productivity report – struggling through resistence

Istanbul Workout
Me, religiously working out in Istanbul, summer 2009

March was a good month, but also had it’s flaws. Good news are that I kept two habits that I’ve developed during January and February. I still haven’t skipped a day out of my workout, not a single one. I can’t keep a consistent scheduele with publishing my post, because I tend to give them premium quality and that’s  my concern over quality.

But I am consistently developing good content and my readers are a living proof of that. I want to thank all of you for your comments, Facebook likes, ReTweets. That’s something that tells me that I am on the right path and I am grateful for your support, that’s something that makes me push trough those lazy days when you have the lack of inspiration. I am writing on daily basis, but I believe I could still do a little bit better. Results of my writing became very much apparent, because my article got published on Smart Passive Income, which is one of famous blogs for home based money making. Helping others achieve higher end results is rewarding and forces me to “walk the talk” on daily basis. Results on the writing side are terrific, and I have 24 written and unpublished articles, stored in my Evernote.

But the development of the third habit halted. Changing your eating habits appears as much greater challenge than the previous two. Only thing I could improve, was to cancel almost completely, food ordering. And as I promised I made a couple of meals for myself, but than again, I am still overly distracted by computer. I am not making as much food as I promised myself, so that will remain as a task for March, but than again I will add another habit as I promised.

Recently I published a popular article about writing your tasks and organizing your day. This is going to be my evening habit. So far I was only including morning ritual routines, but for the first time I am introducing evening ritual. Benefits of evening ritual are numerous. If you spend enough time in the evening in preparing your next day, it’s going to be twice as easy to go trough it. When you are vizualazing your day evening before, you will have the chance of actually waking up happy, for knowing what’s going to happen in your  day.

This has huge psychological plus, for the practitioner of this habit. I will give you more input on this as it goes, but I must add, that this is going to be huge challange, but I will push trough pain period. At the start of the month I will spend 5 minutes planning for the next day and sketching everything in my notebook. Hopefully these planing times are going to prolongue during the month, so slowly it becomes natural.

Regarding the old habits, introduction of gym, again. I decided to get back to the gym and prepare myself properly for the summer ahead. Yes, I know it’s time consuming wasting time from and to gym, but moving around on summer time has it benefits. I will keep posting great content for my readers on the basis I did so far.

I am overly all satisfayed with how march went and what I achieved. I am sorry I didn’t my March goal, but I had some small progress, so seems like I took too much of a large bite. Importance of organizing is going to be greatly important, so I make more clear enviornment that will allow me to completely focus on single task, and newest March addition is helping me with it, greatly. But about this insane productivity increase, I will write in my next blog post.

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