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Small Daily Exercise for Big Personal Victories

It’s the little daily challenges that we set for ourselves. And while I was listening to Armin van Buuren’s State of Trance podcast, I’ve got an inspiration lightning striking right through my heart.

Instead of the daily walk, it was daily run

I am now dripping sweat from my forehead. I am not in a great shape, but it sure did feel great. It was less than 10 minutes of sprinting, but it is more than enough to kill me quite enough.

The feeling of freedom

As my blood starts pumping through the muscles, the pain is being raised, along with the endorphins. You start to come alive, while your brain is being absolutely amazed by what its body is capable of achieving and feeling!

As if that wasn’t enough! It’s also bombarded with crazy stimulating electronic music, that in that state of shock starts to get the whole new meaning. The meaning of conquering the new frontiers within you.

It defines the meaning of freedom!

And as I write this…

…my hands are bloody shaking. I have a hard time lifting up my fingers. Isn’t that victorious? And it didn’t cost me a dime… (Disclosure this is my lunch break)

Never forget to challenge yourself.

And it was massive fun!

Music and running go hand in hand. They are like hand and the glove. But the reason why it felt good, is the fact that I had fun doing it. When you’re not used to running and you try yourself out, you are having massive fun rediscovering what is your body capable of achieving.

Halfway through…

…I wasn’t sure was I going to make it. After catching a short break at the store, and restarting again, my legs started to give up. But I wanted to push through. I wanted to know where were my limits. At that time I knew it was my personal meeting with my former me, and the way he was sitting his days in the office, without doing anything, except sitting on his “lazy ass” and not contributing to my own well being.

And then I remember…

…that there are people out there. Who doesn’t get off their buts for years on end? And wonder why they get prematurely sick. Why they have numerous health issues, and why they feel like shit. And why they look like a chubby piece of shit. I am not sorry if I offended you, I am honestly saying what other people think when they see you. Normal people, who aren’t fat.

Sitting on those chairs for years, and not forcing your body to live up to its genetical expectations. Just think about it. Our bodies are designed to fight saber tooth tigers, yet we harass them with sitting in the poorly designed corporate chairs while butchering our eyes with display radiation.

On top of it all, we shove tasty sugars that decompose in our bodies as unnecessary fats. Making us bloated and tired. Robbing us of our freedom.

Insulin is not the only way to get yourself up

While insulin spikes deliver great pleasure, they are nothing compared to endorphins that are secreted during the good workout. It’s not that with sugars you’re only getting fat, you’re also robbing your body and soul from one of the easiest ways to make yourself truly happy.

Physical inactivity is the reason why a job looks like a prison…

You are inside your cubicle and you are slowly dying from constant sitting. I won’t even mention the endless list of reasons why you should make a break from sitting and stretch your legs just a little bit.

I’ve been finding myself guilty of this one, but I am aware of it, and I tend to do something about it, like hitting the gym regularly.

But Bojan, I don’t have a place to run…

Duuh, you have stairs, do you? That elevator sure does look tempting, but give stairs a spin, and sprint them up once, and you’ll make your heart explode. You can challenge yourself in infinite ways. As long as you suffer from excites, you are going to feel ripped off.

Even for the last couple of days, through my severe sickness, my habit system didn’t allow me to fall off track with my morning routine of working out. Sure I didn’t push myself as hard as I can when I am healthy, but I would feel like such a piece of shit that I would have to do it.

It would feel as if I robbed myself of something that is extremely important to my long-term health. I could totally connect with all the important things that are implicated straight from those simple daily disciplines.

Don’t let your body and personal productivity rely on excuses

There is no boss over your head. Nobody cares what you will do with your time. But everybody cares who you are, and what you can deliver to them. If you can’t deliver, you’re a loser and a waste of society. And everybody wants something out of us, but if we are to be of any use and value, we’ve gotta take care of ourselves first. Don’t be one of those people that always fail to develop a habit of working out.

You’ve got one you, and you’ve got no excuses. If you’ve managed to grasp the time to read this article, you can steal and hack away some time for “workouts”.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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