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List of resources required for flashing Samsung Galaxy S GT I 9000

If you ever been stressed when you were rooting your phone, you are not alone in this. I had every problem, even major ones, while gathering list of these resources. Finally I changed my Android OS, but I didn’t have the patience to go through installation of custom roms. List of resources here is amazing and I only left those which worked for me. So if you wanna know what I’ve got and what I installed and tried that works, this is the article for you. This article will be updated, as I continue to reflash my phone onto new ROM’s.

By reflashing your phone, you might be in position to void your warranty and render yor device useless. Chance is extremely low though, but I had to give you a disclaimer, so you don’t account me as responsible afterwards.

Samsung GT I 9000

I’ve been reflashing my phone for past couple of hours, with some success and some failures. The biggest problem I am encountering is the hardship of getting Custom ROM’s to get working on my device.  I’ve been trying to install Darky Rom 9.5, but it requires your device to be on Froyo before you proceed. So while I was hassling with trying to find the right version of Froyo, to get myself there, I figured out that there is actually a “safe” ROM, that will come preinstalled with root and recovery mode, that will make your life way easier.

So wheew… I finally managed to install Darky Rom 9.5 or whatever. I am loosing focus now, it actually got me really tired. And now I am waiting for 10 minutes already at the boot sequence. They made cool boot sequence, but it’s taking it too long. I got no clue weather I got it right or wrong. I hope it’s worth it, because, honestly, I don’t have the energy for another reflash to some other custom rom and reading instructions over and over again.

So I blew off some steam and kinda relaxed. I am on my third reinstall of Darky’s. If this doesn’t go, I am going to stay deep in the night, in order to install Cynogen Mod 7. Okay, after another reinstall it still gets stuck on the loading screen. Now I am reverting to EZrom, which is base setup for custom roms, made out of Froyo 2.2 Android. Guide for getting to Froyo.

If you have intention of going Gingerbread without installing custom ROM’s, this is good guide for getting to JVB version. I can’t seem to find good guide for rooting. I used to have JVK version, and I will show you the guides for installing and rooting. I was on JVK version for over a month, but minor glitches have occurred after a month of usage (and a couple of battery drains, through unopimized software, but it was doing alright in general.

Most important thing that you need to know about rooting Samsung Galaxy S is that you need to have Download mode active. If you don’t have download mode, you won’t be able to do anything of the things mentioned here! You are entering download mode by pressing: Volume Down + Home Button + Power Button at the same time. If you have download mode active, you got nothing to be affraid about. Chances of bricking your phone or making any damage on it are minimal. All you need is Odin Software (it’s official leaked samsung software, that they are using for fixing the software on devices, most likely guys who are repairing your phones in official service, are using the same tool).

I found another guide for another stock firmware for JVH. And this is the operating system that I finally installed and rooted. It works fluently with good battery life for past 24 hours.

As Android can get buggy, I recommend reflashing your phone from a time to time, to keep it in good shape. In the meanwhile, you can play with it and test some custom roms as I am doing (unsuccessfully :()  It can be frustrating process to get some of these to work, but from the reviews I saw on forums and other blogs, people are extremly happy with custom roms, to bad I couldn’t include those experiences in this blog post, but I am quite happy with Android 2.3.3 JVH for the time being.

Have you reflashed your phone recently? Did you try any of the custom ROM’s out there? Or you prefer Samsung stock firmware? Let me know in the comments.

Brian Djordjevic
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Brian Dordevic

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