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First things, first… The Link Between Morning And Evening Rituals

You woke up, turned your computer on, and now it’s time to work, right? I remember countless times when instead of working, I tuned in to my social media tabs to see whats going on. I got sucked into endless stream of information that I never needed in the first place, information that wouldn’t bring me closer to my goals. The problem of these informations, be it on social websites or on TV is the tax that they put on my mental energy.

When events like that happened, instead of focusing on the work, I am focusing on the daunting dreaded NEWS, that are served to millions of people alike. As Timothy Ferris stated in his 4 Hour Workweek, you need certain sort of information diet. Control of what gets into your mental system. If you remember my article on Television, I will start exercising the same thing with my social media!

Although I would never go to the extreme levels that he was mentioning in the books, some guidelines should be respected and followed. Limiting the information that is reaching you is critical! For that matter I am creating lists with talented information curators and media outlets, so I know EXACTLY what kind of information reaches me. Limiting information streams that benefit you is of great importance. That way you can avoid getting unnecessary information, which consumes your precious time.

But first things first, mornings aren’t a good time to check your feeds, news and email. Mornings are great for your morning rituals, and doing that most daunting task! Brian Tracy explained this flawlessly in his book: “Eat That Frog!” But focusing your energy early in the morning doesn’t come from will power alone. You can’t complete your boring and energy consuming tasks without motivation! It requires emotional investment the night before. That is where Evening Rituals take place.

As I wrote in Alpha Efficiency newsletter, motivation is critical component. When you know why you are doing the things you do, than all of the sudden it’s not a self sacrifice to put off the amusing tasks, it’s your personal duty and investment for the future that you want to materialize. Once you create that sense of urgency, that things need to get done, than they do get done.

In that perspective, morning rituals are made for motivation. You should use the mornings to energize your day. Pump your blood pressure up with short but burst workouts and as you eat your breakfast, go through your goals and visualize your success. Than the plans you made the night before will have the urgency required to get them done. Now instead of reading a boring goal list, you should get creative with it. Make a mindmap of your goals, make them as vivid and as colorful, so the picture of your goals is always present at the back of your mind.

In the end, morning rituals and evening rituals only work when they are combined. Merging these two habits will lead to maximum results in the long run.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

6 responses to “First things, first… The Link Between Morning And Evening Rituals

  1.  Hi Bojan. I agree with what you said, but it’s sometimes hard to finds that urgency within. I have noticed that sometimes when I want something to be done and I don’t know how, it’s enough for me if I just find the information on how to do it. Usually at that point I take a break, instead of doing it all the way to the completion.

  2. I often struggle with that  too. You say that we have to pay strict attention to what we let in. 
    An interesting analogy I always come up with is this- It’s like Robin Sharma wrote in one of his books: Whatever information that you let fill your mind is going to dictate your life. Even though written in a self-improvement kind of book, this can apply on a scale of productivity as well.
    I just try to see if anything I’m working is in sync with my goals. That way I can put aside anything that is not on the same frequency with my believes about productivity.

  3. I love my habits, rituals, and routines. They define me and they comfort me. I hope they’re efficient but that doesn’t mean they can’t be more efficient. BTW, ONE of my morning rituals is to go through as much of my Triberr stream as I can…read, comments, approve. Some I don’t approve, but most I do and most I comment on, as well!

    Good post, Bojan!

    1. Thank you for dropping by @brucesallan:disqus ! If you think that going through Triberr is getting you most ROI (whatever that is for you) than full sails ahead. (I wasn’t being sarcastic).

      Doing the most productive task in the morning is one of the imperatives of productive people.

      If you do something often enough, you will eventually be better and better at it! 

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