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What is the best password manager? Lastpass vs 1Password

Battle of Password Managers: 1Password vs. LastPass

The dilemma that people will go through when they choose the new password manager. Over time I had numerous doubts about 1Password. I couldn’t get it through my mind, why would I pay for something that I can get for free, well at least partially free. LastPass was my choice for years. And I always had issues of not being able to access it on my mobile devices. Not without compromising my data. Than I pulled the trigger and bought premium, which allowed me to securely access my passwords on my iPhone. Than I realized I started paying for password manager. 12$/a year.

Lastpass vs 1Password

My belief about Lastpass was shaken, because my favorite podcasters never seemed to mention it. And I started to wonder, is LastPass underperforming in comparison to 1Password.

I had to check it. I was bound and determined to see all the pro’s and con’s of both platforms, before making my verdict.

Turns out, that the faith that I’ve put in Lastpass was justified. Guys from Security Now, explained why Lastpass is currently providing the top notch security, but they stated that 1Password is also a good choice. As I consider them them one of the top security experts on the web, their vote made me certain that I am doing the right thing! You can watch more about it here.

But than I started thinking about ownership of my content. Is LastPass’s solution going to keep it’s cloud hosting up in the sky forever? What happens to my passwords if they ran out of work and clients? What happens with my passwords in that case?

With 1Password I have a little bit more of faith. I know that I’ve paid for the app, and not for the service. And I can choose how I will sync my content, as opposed being forced to use a cloud solution. And if I am syncing 1Password database through Dropbox, that adds an additional layer of protection to my database.

So my verdict goes to…

It’s a narrow lead for 1Password. 1Password is taking a better spot, simply because it is offering superb user experience, followed up with security measures that I can “physically own”, so to speak. In terms of security, they are a narrow match.

Financially getting 1Password is up front investment of 50 something $. One time payment. While LastPass is 12$/year. I am pretty convinced that if you would use password manager on your mobile devices, you would use it for enough years to match and go over the investment you’ve made into 1Password.

So in my opinion both of these tools are similarly priced.

Design is an area where 1Password has a big time lead, especially on iOS. While LastPass is browser extension for the most of the time, 1Password is full fledged OS X (Windows) and iOS application. If you’re a fan of beautiful design, you will appreciate the user experience that comes with 1Password.

Is there something where LastPass is better than 1Password?

As a matter of fact there is a collaborative feature which works if another user is also a user of LastPass, so it’s use case is limited only to already existing LastPass users. In recent update 1Password tries to breach that gap, and they allowed password sharing straight from iOS application, and it’s going to be available in the next update of Mac application.
Bottom line is that these apps have a narrow gap in terms of their functionality, price and usability. But areas where 1Password excels are user experience and design, which make it a winner in these battle of password managers. These two areas are extremely important for people who aren’t proficient with computers and phones. If you gave 1Password and LastPass to your grandma, she would certainly find 1Password more intuitive and usable, than the alternative.

Product Links

1Password iOS

1Password OS X (30 Days free trial included)

LastPass Website

Your turn

Which password manager are you using? Why did you make that choice? Did you try both, or perhaps you’ve tried something else as well? Look forward reading your thoughts in the comments!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

15 responses to “What is the best password manager? Lastpass vs 1Password

  1. Thanks for the article. I agree with you about Lastpass be the better Manager. I use Two-Factor Authentication across a lot of my accounts. I feel a lot more secure when I can telesign into my account. I’m glad when this is an option. It’s nice to have the confidence of knowing that your info is not up for grabs.

    1. Thanks Robert! I have to add up to this! I did minor injustice to 1password.

      Security now, wasn’t comparing the two platforms. Later on Twitter, they said 1password is also good.

  2. The latest version of 1Password upgraded its encryption to AES256.

    But both of them lack a feature that KeePass has: using of an alternative key file to encrypt your password file.

  3. If Steve Gibson is your source for security information, I’d get a second opinion. This is the guy who wrote an assembly program to disable the Windows file-sharing service over your Internet connection and then wrote a long article about how awesome he is for figuring it all out, when all he had to do was open up the control panel for the network connection and uncheck a box.

  4. Almost every time you do an update of 1pass or the browser, it breaks for unspecified time periods that can last for months. Also the auto time lock doesn’t always lock on your browser, so it’s sucks.

  5. I hate it when people nit pick two great apps and go back and forth about the comparisons, find an app you like and stick with it, that’s what helps with development, it’s called loyalty, a rare thing these days I know. No application is going to be perfect, well my girl doesn’t have what this other girl has so I think I’ll go with her, oh but that girl doesn’t have what this other girl has so I’ll go with her because she has bigger boobs. What do you think this is an all you can eat buffet? LMAO!! Both apps are perfect the way they are and will no doubt get better.

    1. This website is about productivity. I reserve loyalty for human beings in my life. I have no allegiance to companies who work for profit. If something works for me better, damn sure I’ll switch. I have an exclusive 1password review coming up, you’ll like it, if you’re 1password fan.

  6. I hate to be a grammar nazi, but please use “then” and “than” correctly. It kills me reading “but than I…”

    Anyways, thanks for the review/opinion on the two password managers. 1Password is currently 50% off and I’m considering it even more now over LastPass.

  7. “Financially getting 1Password is up front investment of 50 something $. One time payment. While LastPass is 12$/year.”

    Once you add in the cost to upgrade to the latest version of 1Password, which is not mandatory I know, you would pay for another few years of LastPass. I am not saying Lastpass is better in anyway, just wanted to point out that there is more to consider when taking cost into account.

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