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Journaling: The roadmap to empowering wisdom in 2013

The benefit of running a diary

The main benefit of running a diary is an opportunity to look at your own past and reflect whether you were consciously spending the energy towards your goals or were you running around clueless.

Going through the review process

As I am pretty diligent about running a diary, today I had the opportunity to see what lead me to this point, where I am today. Only when you have a decent time distance from your past self you can start to view things more objectively. And the ability to view your own “Genesis” from the third perspective is golden. It improves your memory of events and people, helps you connect with the good and the bed in your life, thus allowing you to create better judgment.

Being only three months deep in my yearly review lets me clear my head. Remind me of all the energies I accumulated during those first three months of the year. And retapping into those energies is valuable for me, as there were awesome things happening to me throughout those days.

Personal diary increases wisdom

Not always do I feel intelligent when I write things down that are so obvious at that moment. But as the times go by, you start to change, and those things you once wrote, don’t sound the same anymore.

The disparity between the written and the thoughts in your head is a good guiding parameter how you feel about things on a timeline. You can know that you are going through a phase when you start feeling differently about the topic you’ve felt the same for in years.

But the diary can also help you realize whether your phase is truly over. And whether your current desire is only temporary or it is long term. You can notice the difference between introjected goals and your true goals. Introjected goals are short lived followed by a passion about the topic that you are passionately excited about for short periods of time.

These short-term goals are best when aligned with something that helps you reach your long-term goals deeper ahead. Diaries excel in realizing these kinds of things!

Steal my To-Do List

  1. Choose a location for your diary
  2. Buy Day-One app or get the diary moleskin notebook
  3. Remember to fill it in with tiny details every day.
  4. Commit to 60-70 days of daily inputs in order to develop a habit.
  5. Review your entries on the weekly and monthly basis
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