Join Me In Changing The Course and Busting Productivity Myths

Alpha Efficiency was for the longest time a blog that didn’t really convey an opinion behind the mechanics of living better. It was trying to fit in the mold, or maybe just be slightly edgy. The audience it catered to, is not the audience I wish to serve anymore. I’ve changed, and people I want to serve also change.

Gone are the time where I would care how this content fits in the mainstream. Being beholden to your audience is probably worse than being beholden to your advertisers. You lose that freedom of thought.

Ultimately, blogging is not even my source of income, and I want to have that extra control over the message that I want to push out. I want to do it, because I wanna do it, not because someone paid me for it. Original thought is more important today than it ever was, yet we are living in an era that content is created to play into emotions are exisiting community myths, so it can sell faster.

By taking a bold new step, I am losing people that are affraid to go outside of the usual bounderies and norms. This is going to be a completely unique way to approach self developement and advancing your goals, by challanging your limiting beliefs. It won’t be boring old content, that is safe to publish. It is going to be a brave new world.

I will start with this article, with harsh, but real statements like:

  • Your system is a complete failure, and why giving up may liberate you.
  • You can throw away your calendar, forget it, and still win big at life
  • You may, or may not have a task manager, it doesn’t really matter
  • Apps won’t make you succeed, you will
  • Running productivity systems is a fad
  • David Allen is for nerds
  • You don’t have to work hard to succeed

There is a rationale behind all these statements, and they’ve been confirmed after I’ve tried and applied these methodologies by myself, and than turned towards getting things done my way.

I don’t want you to practice anything in particular, I want you to get to know yourself. As I transitioned from a regular employee to a manager, I’ve learned the value of team play, cooperation, coordination, and most of all eliminating the unnecessery tasks from your equation.

You produce with your mind, not by your hands. And to get things rolling, you need to think how to remove the obstacles from the equation.

I’ve learned how to manage internal pressures, deal with them, or make decisions that make more sense. I’ve learned to pivot, not rely on the task managers, and focus on adapting to the flow. It came through a lot of self learning.

Modern day work environment is too volatile even for short term plans, sometimes you just gotta pause, listen to yourself, reflect on the moment, and let your gut guide you. I’ve seen so many people make plans, only ending up doing the things they didn’t have to.

Running things on raw energy, instincts and listening to your body is one of the most empowering things you can do to your productivity process.

And that’s where I believe that all these people that are writing countless hours of content, are getting things wrong. This is the thing that I was getting wrong myself. I was buying into the producitivity echo chamber. I was looking for the solutions outside of me, while all the answers to my questions were within.

Look for answers from within. Start Doing Your Own Thinking!