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Is Fear Holding Your Productivity Back?

I encountered this type of procrastination within myself, and it’s one of those strange concepts combined with strong emotions that doesn’t let you do the things that you want to. It is your inner critique at it’s best, controlling you through fear and doubt. I have made a lot of great content, but it wasn’t on the level of what I am usually used to, so I decided to publish it later…

…but that later never came!

So instead of having a lot of non-perfect blog posts, I just have a couple of them, who could be way better had I pushed out more and recieved more critique about my work. I should have given in more of myself. Because once I go back through the content of Alpha Efficiency I find myself a bit ashamed, and ask myself why didn’t I do more? Why didn’t I do better?

Because of the fear!

Fear is one of the strongest emotions that human being can posses, but once it’s concealed in your mind, you will see that fear is lurking under countless hundreds of excuses on why you didn’t do this or that?! And I am perfect example. This is why I will get back to pushing my articles without prior grammer check up. If I stop for a second I might get afraid, so I am going to jump into the water, while I still didn’t see it.

What will those people think about my writing? Will they be able to tell that English is not my native? Will they even care? Will my message resonate with them? It’s approval seeking syndrome, which will put you in a frenzy over your work. The secret is in just letting it go! Once you do that, all the creative energy will start flowing in the right direction and you will get things done. Your way!

Don’t let the fear keep you upside down!

Don’t let the fear take over and slow down your goals. Don’t let fear take over your productive mindset and undermine your efforts! It’s of crucial importance that you let those breaks go and “hit publish”, or do that tasks that frightens you the most!

Break your fear every day, and you will see where will that lead you! If you think about yourself working, while working you will move out of the zone, because your inner critique will show up and mess up your plans. Be faster than him and don’t let him react!

Do you have concealed fear that is preventing you from moving forward?

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

12 responses to “Is Fear Holding Your Productivity Back?

  1. Thanks for the post Bojan. I am definitely not as productive as I could be, because I put off some tasks that I just can’t be bothered to do in favour of reading blogs, cooking etc. It feels OK because I am still doing things I consider productive but they aren’t the big work tasks that I need to get done. I don’t know if this is fear but it is certainly a lack of will power (of which we all only have so much).

    One area I have been free of fear and mostly productive has been blogging where as you say – perfect may never come but you’ve got to get on and do. I usually go for perfect but feel that at least at this stage of my blogging, it is best to get things out and chalk it all up to experience, learning and experimenting with what works.

    1. Hey Ergo! I can certainly agree with you. I was going through my early blog posts and I see how much I’ve been holding up and how the quality of my posts has been diminished. I remember the time back in 2006, when I was blogging anonymously and I was just letting go. I was amazed with the audience that I acquired, by simply speaking my mind.

      It was amazing, because I wasn’t affraid of going out and saying what’s on my mind, without holding back.

      It will strenghten your character once you put your freedom of thought out there. I can certainly say that English not being my native language is partially holding me back, but with every word I write I am getting better.

      I am almost embarrassed when I see my articles from the begging of this blog. But it is what it is.. I will edit some, improve, add fresh ideas into old posts. But if I didn’t put it out, I wouldn’t be here today.

      1. I have to remain anonymous at the moment. I don’t know if it helps my writing as I’m still aware of my online presence in so many different places like social networks etc. I’ve also yet to write any more provacative posts. What do you think you need to do to get back some of your previous lack of inhibition? And what proportion of your posts are you happy with? Hopefully most.

        1. I am mostly unsatisfied with my posts, as time passes by. Not being a native speaker is a flaw in a sense, BUT I keep improving, so I am always looking forward to fresh and new articles and ideas that I express in continually improved English.

          Best way to tackle the issue of fear is admitting it, acknowledging it and later on doing what you planned regardless of it. 

  2. I’m guilty of this too! So many times I’ve held back on sites or other projects because of this fear, but by putting them out there for critique and others input I’ve created better products and grown in my area of expertise.

    In the work environment I like to do too much myself too and perfect things before passing them on or sharing with others, when maybe sharing earlier will be better to let others add value where they can and also give me another perspective on my work that i can use to take it further.

    Great post once again!

    1. Hey Lawrence, always a welcome guest of Alpha Efficiency! Still have you in mind for podcast together! If you are up for it still. 

      Thanks for the feedback on the article, it certainly motivated me to push further. I was just about to write another article… 🙂

      The solution to this common problem comes with it’s conscious understanding. 

      Best regards!

  3. Thanks for the post Bojan
    So instead of having a lot of non-perfect
    blog posts, I just have a couple of them, who could be way better had I
    pushed out more and recieved more critique about my work. I should have
    given in more of myself. Because once I go back through the content of
    Alpha Efficiency I find myself a bit ashamed, and ask myself why didn’t I
    do more? Why didn’t I do better?

  4. My biggest fear is failure. I’m afraid that I won’t make my blog at least a little successful. But no matter my fears I decided to try and do my best. You can’t know what it’s going to happen if you don’t try, right? 🙂

  5. Great post Bojan!

    It seams like there is a though line to draw- between improving as you go, or trying to reach the perfection all in the comfort of your corner. As you point out, fear seams to jump right into the equation and mess things up. Same goes for me- I never think my work is good enough, and that alone kills my productivity in general.
    It’s nice to stop for a second and look objectively over this. Thanks.  

    1. It’s always better than you think, give it a chance. I was inspired to push through, once I saw how many articles of mine were collecting the dust… I wanted to put an end on it, so I did and this article came to birth.

      Hope it helps you, as much as it helped me writing it! 

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