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10 Reasons why I converted from Android to iPhone

As you may have already in my previous article, that Alpha Efficiency went Apple. I’ve ditched my Android phone and moved on to more suitable platform for me. After a week of playing around, I can safely say, that I have found my productivity heaven. If you are thinking of migrating to Apple, here are the 10 reasons that got me into it.

1. iOS is not sluggish – This is number one reason that instantly made me switch. I can only say that I’ve spent countless hours upon hours of testing out various custom roms on Galaxy S. I’ve been on Cyanogen Mod 7, Darky ROM, original stock ROM… You name it, I’ve tried it. And the result was never what I’ve wanted it to be. Apart from financial investment in Android, there was countless time spent in tweaking the device, making it useable, but to no avail. iOS works like a breeze, there are no “force closes” and memory management is way better. It just works.

Let’s not mention the countless times when this happened immediately after turning the phone on. Android needs some time to start working with all of it’s hardware, the way it’s supposed to. Also lags when I get into Dialer application, and than have to wait for the processes to stabilize in order to make a simple call…

2. Battery life – This phone is equiped to serve you for the full day. Yep, as opposed to 12 hours of Galaxy S, where I would constantly need to be near the recharger in my car, and had to think about the percentages. I can safely say, that for the extra $$$ you invest, you gain awesome battery life. This wasn’t my goal initially, so I was pleasantly surprised when I noticed this.

Main thing that was bothering me on Android was battery management. I had all these fancy widgets that would help me control 2g/3g, Wireless connection, brightness levels. Once I moved to iOS, I forgot about all of that. My phone with average usage and 3g on the whole day, can endure it, until I get home.

3. Applications – You might think that Android has more applications, but if you ever accessed to Android market, you know how much garbage you can find there. App Store contains only premium apps, you can pick whatever fancies your taste, and more often than not, you will be happy with your purchase.

Also I am guilty of wanting to try out productivity junkies premium toy, called “Omnifocus”. It’s is state of the art productivity application, with clipping features, recurring reminders, iCal integration. Something that I know you will find amazing.

4. Better integration with my MAC – Synchronisation through iTunes is a breeze. Transferring playlists, moving documents in and out. It’s simple and I don’t have to mess around with the file system. Wireless synchronisation through native app is

5. Retina display – Samsung had pretty decent display, but I don’t believe anything can compare to high density pixels of retina. Picture appears real, text looks smooth, games are simply amazing… I find myself dazed by “Infinity blade” graphics. If you are into games this display redefines gaming experience. I know a lot of gamers moving to some Gameloft classics, away from PC. Other aspects of viewing experience are also enhanced.

6. Updates and iOS 5 – I like when my phone is getting updates. And Apple is pushing out 3 big updates per device, they get updated at the same time as any other device, so you aren’t left out of the share of the pie you paid for.

7. Awesome headphones – If you ever had any Apple music related product, you know how cool their headphones are. They have this awesome control button, that let’s you play and pause your music, increase and decrease volume, skip songs… It’s great, you can use your phone without ever putting it out of your pocket. It also serves as handsfree. If I am not talking while I’m driving my car, I am most likely listening to some awesome podcast. Currently I am tuned into History of Rome.

8. iCloud – This is certain something that made my transition be a breeze. I got used to Google Cloud, so not having my contacts, calendar events and other critical information readily available to me, would be painful. Now this is not a massive improvement, but an important one.

9. iTunes match – I am a huge fan of music. Music correlates to my productivity and I like to switch it, anytime when my mood changes. I have gigantic music library over 100 gigabytes large. Being able to access it easily through my iPhone and internet connection makes this an insane advantage. For 25$ a year I can have all of my multimedia content in the cloud, while not disturbing my local storage. Now if we add that I do intend to move onto MacBook Air in near future, where SSD capacity is limited to the half of my current hard drive at best.

10. Style – What logo is at the back of your phone? Silly robot, or shiny Apple? 🙂

If you have money available and you really want to get a true smart phone, you know which phone to pick. If you have financial difficulties, maybe your best shot would be going Android. Premium price offers premium product. So next time when you are out shopping a new phone, think how much nerves you will save with adding just a couple of more bucks to something that is reliable.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

5 responses to “10 Reasons why I converted from Android to iPhone

  1. Nice article although I find Point 6 a little misleading – the iphone 3g (not the 3gs) has not been updated post iOS 4.3 which was released in March 11, and the iphone original wasn’t supported since around iOS 4 (Although I can’t find an exact number off a very quick googling) 

    *Disclaimer* I am neither a true Apple fanboy nor a Phandroid, I currently have 2 android phones (Work and personal) but am considering jumping ship when contract is up.

  2. Thanks.  This is the first time I have seen this type of comparison.  I have had my iPhone for a couple years and lately have been admiring some features on the new Androids.  Now I can be content . . . for awhile anyway.

  3. Bojan,

    You remind me of me. I was thrill the moment I hold an iPhone, my productivity improve 100%. I will never go back ahhaha

    I think you nailed it of why I love my iPhone 4 very much 😀

    Are you using a new iPhone 5? I can’t wait to get it!

    1. I completely missed this comment mate! I’ve got it a couple of days ago, it’s way faster, and better camera. The rest is pretty much more or less the same. Don’t feel as if I got the new phone to be honest, it’s narrow gap on the user experience level.

      It’s just a better hardware.

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