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Best Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

In a world where digital marketing has become cost-efficient and much more useful than traditional marketing, Instagram, as one of the largest social media platforms, is the one you need to use to enhance your brand awareness and online presence amongst customers. With over 500 million daily active users, Instagram Stories are a powerful tool to build and establish relationship with your audience and boost engagement rate. This incredibly diverse feature allows users to share personalized content with their followers for 24 hours. From photos, live broadcasts, boomerangs, videos to GIFs, the material that you share on your Stories varies depending on what you want to do. Over 500 million users are expressing themselves by sharing their personalized content via Instagram Stories every single day, so you probably don’t want to miss this fantastic opportunity to express yourself creatively, to drive traffic, to show off your products and market your business.

Since this feature was launched in August 2016, Instagram has added many innovations such as swipe to link, ads, polls, location and hashtag stickers, GiFs, plenty of editing features that will give your Story a creative streak and your brand’s unique style.

It is also important to mention that this feature is credited with fueling the growth of Instagram Direct, a private messaging between users of the app, that has become one of the most popular messaging apps with over 375 million daily active users. If you’re still not using Instagram Stories for your business, then I have to say that you’re missing out on a huge opportunity.

Best Ways to Use Instagram Stories to Promote Your Business

Why Should You Be Using Instagram Stories For Your Business?

This format has proven to provide outstanding results for digital marketers. More purchases with ads in Stories compared to feed, lower cost of ads, and a more significant percentage of prospecting purchases attributable to ads on Instagram Stories – these are just some of the reasons why you should integrate Stories into your marketing. So, if you are planning to use this feature in the near future, the rest of this article will give you many suggestions to help you improve your performance.


Are you launching a new product, running a giveaway, or maybe expanding to a new market?

Since social media platforms have made that much easier for companies to deliver their news and run promotions, Stories would unquestionably be the best place to make those special announcements. You can notify your followers about your future strategies by merely sharing an InstaStory. 


Educational content is a proven way to attract users. You can do that by posting something as simple as a short tutorial, which is generally not supposed to be longer than 90-120 seconds. That way, you can introduce your product to your followers or demonstrate to them how it’s used. Sometimes a quick and easy explanation is what somebody needs to help clearly understand how your product can solve a problem.

Using this kind of video can make your Story a highly engaging experience for your followers. For example, you can make a section of tutorials on your profile by creating a Story Highlights. That way, followers can review them as often as they like.


One of the main aspects of running a business is finding out what your clients think about your products. If you want to obtain customer feedback by using Instagram Stories, you can consider using the question sticker to gather your audience’s most pressing questions beforehand, running a poll, or even a live interactive session. Your customer’s opinions about the experiences they had with your brand can be valuable information you can use to adjust your business in order to fit their needs more accurately.

Instagram Story Poll is an entertaining way to engage with your audience and grab their attention. Stop them from swiping past your stories and gather their opinions that will further serve you to improve your marketing activities. Instagram has two different poll stickers that you can add to your stories: the classic poll which has two answer options that you can customize, and the emoji slider.

Time Bounds

Due to the fact that photos and videos that you post on your Instagram Story will disappear after 24 hours, you can use them for discounts or time-bound deals. The fact that this feature has the urgency factor you can entice your audience to take action immediately. For example, you can run flash sales, seasonal promotions, or offer your followers an event-relevant coupon code via InstaStories.

Behind the Scenes Stories

Gain trust from your followers and help humanize your brand by taking your audience behind the scenes. That way, you can reveal your organization’s hidden culture. One of the examples for this kind of content is ‘day in the life’ where you get to be more personally connected to your followers.  

How to Improve Your Instagram Story Engagement

Try utilizing these next seven tips to improve your performance and engagement on Instagram Stories:

Instagram Stories Ads

If you want to improve your sales, gain more followers, or boost brand awareness, running InstaStories Ads is the perfect thing for that. By using Ads, you can reach new audiences or showcase your business to your already engaged followers.

When creating an ad, you should keep in mind that your message is supposed to be short, straight to the point, and easy to read, and they should always reflect your brand’s aesthetics. The Story takes over the entire phone screen so your Instagram Story ad won’t compete with anything above or below. It’s an immersive experience. When done properly, story ads won’t feel as obvious as other types of ads and will blend right with the organic content.

Interactive Stories

To build a better connection with your followers, you should post more Interactive stories. You have so many options to help bring people closer to your brand; you can use poll stickers, Live videos, swipe to link, and tag other users. This way, you are showing your followers that you care about their opinion, and you can encourage customer interaction.

You can use them for feedback, research, or just to get to know your followers and have fun.

Story Highlights

Since they were released in December 2017, Instagram Story Highlights have been a game-changer.

Think of them as an extension of your brand’s bio. Instagram Story Highlights are front-and-center on your profile, which is what makes them perfect for new visitors to discover more about you. All you have to do is to pin your archived Stories to your profile, and by creating an eye-catching cover for your highlights section, you can turn your page into an amazing brochure.


You can genuinely power up your social media strategy with influencer marketing. Research has shown that almost 86% of marketers have used it and that 94% of them found it compelling. Influencer’s credibility and authenticity are the most viral factors. They have the power to improve engagement, traffic, and build brand trust.

You can use them for shoutouts, for lifestyle images and brand awareness, or to even host a giveaway. Joining forces with someone else who has a similar goal to yours, you can learn a lot, grow, and maximize the potential audience.

Use Different Stories Options

When creating a new story, there are several options you can opt for, such as Type, Music, Normal, Video, Boomerang, Slo-mo, Hands-free, Focus, or Superzoom. Also, there is a face icon on the bottom right corner of your screen, and by tapping that you can reveal a series of face filters such as Circle frame, Pulse, Subtle, Contact sheet, Duotone, and many others. You can always use a mix of these options in one Story because there is no limit for creativity!

Use Hashtags and Location stickers

When used correctly, geotag elevates your content outside of your followers and make it possible to be found by a much wider audience.

Same as geotag, the hashtag also goes directly on the image, and it can be stylized just like all text. What is the most important it can make you increase the reach of your Instagram stories?

Be Creative!

The power of storytelling lies in the ability to deliver unique and engaging messages. Unsurprisingly, this social network is incredibly well-suited for encouraging visual aspects of your Story. The key element is authenticity, so choosing fonts that look great together, or even better, using your brand font is an easy way to create your template design. It’s very creative, and with a strong Instagram Stories strategy, it’s easy to get your audience to love what you’re selling.

Instagram Stories are quickly turning into one of the best platforms to grow your business. With the platform adding more and more new features, benefits like brand recognition and gaining exposure are hard to ignore. It will depend on your customers and products what kind of features are you going to use for your Instagram Story strategy.

Consider trying out a lot of styles and approaches until you determine what can bring you the best effect. Need help with Instagram marketing campaigns? Do not hesitate to contact our digital marketing agency so we can guide you through this process with our Social Media Marketing expertise, and steer you in the right direction by maximizing your online presence and profitability. 

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