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How to remain productive, when your family tells you that you are crazy

Did you ever encounter that relative of yours who is putting you down, because of your creative ideas. Those ideas that should put you above your former self, improve your life. Or you want to start your own business, but everyone around you is against it? If that is the case, than this is the article for you.

As Alpha Efficiency reaches it’s first birthday I tend to look back at the year that flew by. It was a long and hardworking year. But work itself is not that hard, because I am passionate about this blog and I am passionate about making you more productive. Hard thing was pressure from my environment.

Your Environment versus You

In the September I lost my online job, which my parents didn’t like in the first place. Anything new and unconventional will come to objection with your immediate society. Entire of my family had some respect for what I was doing, because it was brining in the money to the house. But everyone, including my grandma, thought that I need secure job, with benefits in order to compete in their world.

For past couple of months I’ve depleted my savings I had from my previous job and now I am witnessing the lack of resources, that are pushing me in the direction of getting a job and handling my finance. But you aren’t really motivated to work for the money, when you know that your future business can bring in way more than  500$ in competitive market.

As an American how would you feel working for 500$ a month, working overtime and struggling? Wouldn’t you rather start your own online business in the market where there is more money. Everyone keeps telling me I am crazy, but I am determined. No one could become an achiever if it wasn’t for persistency in their idea.

Eugene Farber, from Reality Burst quit his job in order to become serious about his online company. He wrote an inspirational post on how and why he did it. If you really believe you can make it, you can view that as a bet on yourself. If you are sure of yourself, you are able to put a bet, against all odds, knowing that you will make it. Negative comments from your environment will fly, but your confidence and actions will beg to differ.

Fuel negative comments to your advantage

All negative talk made me be even more persistent. When you hear people telling you that you are crazy and that you will never make it, let that be your inspiration. That’s a sign that you are headed in the right direction. Prove them wrong and showcase your success. Let them see their own limitations that are preventing them from breaking through the matrix that society put them in. Help them with your success. Let them know it’s possible. And it is. Everything is possible once you determined.

Luckily this is not my first test in being determined to achieve. I passed that test 3 years ago, when I took a strong decision to make fitness essential part of my life. Here I am, three years after, still pushing and pulling daily. That was one of the best decisions I ever made. And results came with it, changing my life for the better. I never doubted myself, knowing that persistence will pay off. Same goes with your financial goals.

Do It Like You Mean It

If you know that what you do, works, don’t stop doing it, until it brings in the results. Do it like you mean it. I can only make a comparison with the gym, a comparison that I am really fond of. If you workout like a wuss, you will get wussy results. So step on that iron, you will spend the equal amount of time, but the effects will be completely different.

Even with simple workouts I have encountered haters. People who’ve tried and failed, and say that gym is for dumb people. Explaining me how I am wasting my time. And trying to stray me away from my path, out of their jealousy. They have accomplished one thing, loosing me as a friend. I pushed them away with all their negative talks, and haven’t hanged out with them ever since. And boy I am glad for doing so.

If you are going to fool yourself that you are working, while you’re spending countless hours on Facebook, multitasking to oblivion, consistently. Than that’s the result that you will embrace. Wasted moments and guilt in the morning, how you haven’t achieved anything on the previous day. It’s same as going to the gym, and not giving your maximum. Maybe it’s better that you haven’t showed up at all. On those days when I know that I can’t deliver, I take a break. And make up for it on the upcoming day. Make this your strategy. And don’t cheat on it.

Give your best, every day

Success is a sequence of victories over yourself. Consistency in giving in your best self, every day. Even after you’ve reached your goals. But don’t confuse this kind of attitude with burning yourself. While I was working for First Beat Media, I used to do this, to my own determent. After spending my 8 hours working for them, I sat in front of the computer without a break, in order to push my personal project. I didn’t know how to balance.

I was giving in too much, only to gain very little. Success is slow, and you can’t beat the time curve. It will take time, regardless of you investing 12 hours a day, or minimal of 2-3 hours. You have to know what is your optimum workload that brings back the best results, without damaging your energy. As Brian Tracy would say, “Eat that frog”, first thing in the morning. And you will have an entire day in front of yourself, knowing that your day wasn’t spent in vain.

Do yourself a favor. Do it smart, but do it like you mean it.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

3 responses to “How to remain productive, when your family tells you that you are crazy

  1. This is a great post! Same happened (and more or less is still happening ) to me when I started my thing online. I have tons of ideas, projects on my mind, plans for furthermore growing my online presence till the point it meets financial success. But all of this faced against the mediocre thinking of my surroundings, deeply lacking some vision, is just as hard as you said. 
    And me, just like you, can do the work not only without draining my energy, but also with passion and enjoyment. Only the constant skepticism from all the people around me is the downer. There are some that in fact give me support, but compared to all the doubters their numbers are slim.

    And it seems like people simply don’t want to listen when you tell them about new ways, innovative ideas, visions… Even less if you have already started them. Like they somehow fear your success.
    It bugs some to see others getting payed by doing what they enjoy, on top of that within their own schedule, while being your own boss,working with the people you find up to your taste. But here I agree with you again- that only motivates me furthermore. Here is a perfect example: After seriously injuring the spine Bear Grylls was told that he is not likely to be able to walk normally again, but what he did with his determination? Only two years after the accident he climbed Everest!

  2. Go djole go djole 🙂 .. I support you 😀 ..tho you can be sometimes pain in tha ass but still i can be the same ..never the less you are my frined and i back you up in your ideas 101%

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