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How to be the Best at What You Do

This article first appeared in Alpha Efficiency Magazine: Issue 15: Startup Attitude

Hitting the number one spot in the digital publishing world means mastering the art of attracting digital attention. It comes in many shapes and forms, learning and mastering skills like SEO, Social media, reading your analytics or understanding your audience. Even just having that extra charisma in your writing makes a world of difference.

Persistence in blogging and writing doesn’t always equal results. No matter how hard you try, you will not be the best. Because being the best means thinking on your feet, and working towards crafting those perfect sentences that really change the lives of people, pushing them towards their best game, and doing this daily.

That’s how I want to approach publishing, taking it to the next level, by bringing in my A game every day; Helping people change lives, improve their incomes, liberate themselves from the life of corporate slavery, and guiding them towards more.

For the past five years, I’ve been diligently working towards this, but I haven’t accomplished the freedom that comes from not having a job, or not being dependent on the wage. Somehow, I’ve allowed myself to let daily things come in front of me. But I am getting close to where I want to be. The income from Alpha Efficiency itself wasn’t enough; It didn’t reach a tipping point where my partner and I can take it further, and give our full focus on it, day in, day out. Instead, I’ve been devoted to maintaining my comfortable lifestyle based on providing skills and services to others.

Luckily during my job, I am still working with words, and the topics that are directly or indirectly helping me grow our website, grow our audience and inspire people from everywhere, touching the topics that are coming and emerging, and stating our opinion on all the good, the bad and the ugly.

But I haven’t been doing nearly enough to get to where I want to be, as I haven’t truly committed to this long-lasting change of constantly creating value that changes lives on a daily basis. As you get caught up in the drama of people’s lives, you can lose sight of your goals, and you can get lost in the overwhelm of the digital marketing.

As you get caught up with drama of people’s lives, you can lose sight of your goals.

There is always a next best thing to chase, and somehow, every good idea seems like a waste of time. But there is no such thing as wasting your time, because you have to constantly push and push until you mature into a seasoned veteran of your industry and an expert on your chosen topic. There is no rest until you ultimately reach the top.

That is the moment when endorsements start coming in, backlinks start to come your way naturally, as people start to compete for your attention. This comes along with the noise, trolls and haters that create the hum and make you doubt yourself. You really can’t give in to those voices, because if they were worth something, they wouldn’t be wasting their own time criticizing someone that does, but instead, they would be working towards making something great.

The moment you start hearing the criticizers talking about your work, it is natural to understand that you are building something greater than yourself. Because that is the way of Alpha, that is the way of being the best at what you want to do.

Understanding The Alpha Level

Alpha level is the pinnacle of your own potential. For a long while, I’ve been living in the reality where I was certain that I am nowhere near my potential until I started to realize that I am narrowing to that point. You seem to learn your potential when you push yourself to the limits, day in, and day out. There is no break, there is no stop. I knew this when I was working two jobs for four months, and I’ve been reaching my breaking point. The pile of commitments was rising, and the free time of my day has been diminishing. I was exposed to living in a whole new world, and it was my pinnacle; It was my limit.

My performance was optimal, I was working out well, investing in myself properly, despite the fact that the whole system was unsustainable. And it gave me an insight into how far I can go, what I am capable of. During the whole process that lasted four months, I’ve come to realize that there are limits to what you are capable of achieving, and I’ve witnessed those limits.

Time has passed since those days last summer, and I’ve never reached the pinnacle of my potential, but I’ve been able to see it and remind myself what the possibilities are. It required me to be outside of the comfort zone completely. And what I’ve learned during those harsh days of stress and the constant struggle to overcome my limitations, is that most of my limitations were self-imposed.

To my dismay, I’ve realized that I was depleting all the possible reserves of my willpower, and that inevitably lead to a crash of my hyper-productivity, and it ended a streak of the highest potential I’ve achieved in my life.

Not Everyone Is Born To Be An Alpha

However, not everybody is capable of having a thick skin that is required to make it to the top. Being successful means challenging your will, being agile and changing directions during every day of your life.

If being Alpha was easy, we would have more people at the top, but ultimately, we only see the exceptional people out there. Being at the top of one’s game takes so much more than just showing up, it means being fully focused, and delivering more on top of what you’ve already brought, and then some more again.

When you can make a choice between being comfortable and being the best, many people choose to sit down, relax, and watch television, hoping that perhaps the luck will magically find ways into their hearts, and they will be able to accomplish their vision, by watching “The Secret” and imagining this is how it will be once I succeed.

However, the more they imagine, the further they are from success, as success is bred from the action.

From Chaos To Epiphany

Among all that chaos I’ve recognized one thing that reminded me, that despite all the focus I had, my success can’t be guaranteed thanks to my work alone. It has to be a product of a team effort, and it needs me to attract the people of my stature. Everything that you do, and how you work, transcends on the people around you.

When you become responsible and driven, people around you pick that energy up. Perhaps I can’t influence just about everybody who is near me, but I certainly can control myself. And sometimes we have deluded ourselves about how difficult that is, but ultimately it all boils down to your internal dialogue, and the ways it affects your decisions.

All our day to day emotions cloud our judgment and steer us away from the rational choices, and it is a part of your life. Being successful means that you are capable of creating order inside of your life’s chaos. It means literally reducing the volume of all the junk that comes your way daily, not giving the importance to it, not even noticing it,

If you can push yourself outside of your comfort zone, if you can get within grasping distance of the pinnacle of your capability, then you too can pave the way to be the best at what you do and change the lives of others.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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