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How supporting Indie and small publishers transforms the world

Being a publisher on a small scale, I know how hard it is to get attention to your work. Often we invest way more time in our work and words that our audience gets to consume it. Starting small means a lot of wasted efforts. By knowing this, I’ve made a commitment that I will support small publishers and indie developers across the globe.

When you are big, you already have all the attention you need, but the little guys are yet to grow. And following their growth is exciting, proving that there is a content-driven people industry, that will transform the lives across the planet. That is the power of the internet, to transform, and give voice to those who wouldn’t be heard otherwise.

This idea has been growing for a while in my head…

As a growing one-man publisher, I’ve come to the conclusion that rising stars invest way more time into their content than the established websites and so-called gurus.

Hence they have a special place in my RSS, and it’s a dominant one. Our industry is yet to thrive and change the landscape of the modern web culture.

Alternate locations to find your favorite indie publishers

YouTube is the big guy, and also a conglomerate of future of media, the future of whom part I don’t want to be a part of. There are a lot of video publishers on Vimeo, that are having a very different approach, with way more class and style. Cats video aren’t as frequent, but the content of the highest quality is there, and completely worthy of your attention. It’s not mainstream.

No, I am not advocating hipsterism

You might be a hipster if you are a huge fan of mainstream Instagram, yet ignore the platforms like EyeEm (or let alone, you even haven’t heard of something like that).

Hipsters are the fans of Gotye, I am talking about the quality, not contemporary artwork.

Hipsterism is mainstream, despite them wanting to call it alternative.

And not necessarily liberal arts (quite the opposite in my case).

So for whom do I advocate for?

I do advocate for bloggers, indie developers, small fiction writers and people who contribute to the community, yet aren’t established. I encourage you to buy their small products, to encourage their work and if they are good enough, liberate themselves from the corporate tyranny.

Make the phrase: By the people, for the people have a whole new meaning. When you plug out of corporate infrastructure, you are encouraging widespread entrepreneurship. Putting your money where your mouth is. Don’t listen to CNN, BBC and Fox News, go straight to the center of the happenings.

Start delivering value and finding customers in the people. Because I know, that when I pay money to an indie developer, I have a sense of fulfillment knowing that I am feeding his children, and not investors already fat pockets.

Supporting the ideas

When you support the small people, you are making the cultural shift away from corporate consumerism and advertising. You are finding simple solutions to your life, that would otherwise be depersonalized in the endless stream of data consumed by the corporate world.

You are encouraging connected more efficient world, where people aren’t treated like replaceable slaves. They are rewarded for their contribution.

Alternate Search Engine

That is exactly the reason why I use DuckDuckGo as the search engine. It is a search engine operated by a single individual, and if I find an advertisement that suits my need, I know that my click is going to feed one hungry mouth and support that individual specifically.

Now specifically the guy behind DuckDuckGo helped me avoid a nasty Google Addiction, with the search engine that doesn’t track me. Isn’t this entrepreneurship at it’s highest level? See what I mean when I say that we can operate outside of the corporate boundaries.

Sometimes we can get limited, sometimes the results I get from DDG, aren’t the perfect results, but at least, this way I am supporting the liberation of corporate slavery.

Make them replaceable

By using the smaller alternatives you are incentivizing the industry, sparking a revolution of scales, where we stuck up the middle finger to corporate overlords and send them a clear message: “You are REPLACEABLE!” The same way they treat their employees.

The world is not going to collapse once they’re gone. The power is in our productive hands!

Don’t go over the board with this…

Of course, you won’t always be able to follow this path, as sometimes the alternative solutions won’t be available, or simply they won’t be good enough to satisfy your needs. We are after all living in a corporate-dominated culture, but having that stance, where you can show them that a work of a single person can replace their machinery is brilliant, and over the time, the peer2peer network of entrepreneurs will be able to fragmentize the whole industries on open principles.

One size fits all is an outdated model, and small niche markets will dominate the economies of the future. This way I am supporting all those people who satisfy my special diversified needs. In return liberating them, and myself from corporate tyranny.

Final Thoughts

Don’t stop supporting, make it count by becoming. Start your own thing that we can support and let you become free as well. Be a part of a global solution. Do the thing you love, deliver value, and watch the world transforms in front of your very eyes.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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