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How encounter with Cairo provoked fear and challenged me to ultimately distort my world view.

Fear is the engine of humanity

Without fear, there is no action. Our lizard brains are wired to move us to action, in a frenetic run from uncertainty. Which is a good thing, it is the reason why we survived despite the harsh conditions we were growing in as a species.

Can you feel the power of your ancestors running through your veins? Don’t you feel as if you are not doing enough, when you “give up”? I am not convinced that our ancestors had a luxury of procrastination.

If you procrastinated, you simply died. There is no procrastination when you have a sabertooth tiger behind your back. And thanks to technology, we are coming to an age where nobody is giving their absolute maximum in terms of giving their best because the incentive is missing. Because it is expected that somebody will “take care of it”. Somebody will think instead of you…

Some will argue that this kind of existence is not bad and that we are becoming a more civilized society, but quite the contrary. I’d argue that we’ve never witnessed more laziness, procrastination and relaxed state of the brain, throughout history. The whole civilization is thriving on the minority that is actually giving in all the effort and making up for the laziness of the rest of the society.

How to change all of that?

Knowing what you can do, and what you can’t do is powerful. You can’t make anyone do anything. You aren’t responsible for the destinies of other human beings, as you don’t have power over them. The only thing you have control of is your own actions. Your own free will and choice.

You can choose now that the time of procrastination is over, and that it is time to for a new renaissance. From my own perspective, we are living in a nightmare. 100 years from now, we will call this the dark ages of our humanity. It’s absolutely despicable the way humans live and waste their precious potential.

We’ve been conditioned into incompetence, and our energies are being wasted away, shamefully. We’ve been led to believe that we need assistance from various groups and organizations and we’ve been indoctrinated that we can’t make it on our own. Perhaps you’re not one of those people, perhaps you think it’s all for not, but you need to think outside of yourself, if you don’t apply to this group.

What are the hunger rates around us? What is the level of unemployment? What about those people that have lost their unemployment benefits? And people who are homeless and sick. Those people have been conditioned into that state. Mental state of giving up.

But let’s go further away from the local problems that plague our societies, let’s move towards east.

The Cairo scenery…

Back in 2005, I’ve been visiting Cairo. And there for the first time I’ve seen the true meaning of poverty. I am coming from an impoverished European country, but Egypt is something else, boy that’s something else. It was not a first instance of me meeting completely different culture and ca completely different lifestyle. But this was far to much for me. Something that made me worry for the state of the mental health over there.

Once I’ve been there, poverty redefined it’s meaning…

For the rest of my life, I will remember the Egyptian midget that was collecting money in front of the bathroom. It was one of the vile creatures of this world, I will assume not by his choice. His hands were weird, his eyes weren’t straight, and quite honestly he was scary to look at.

This poor God’s creature had a twisted sense of pride in collecting bathroom money. He reeked some weird self confidence. It all seemed mentally derranged.

It was a twisted scenery of a dirty gas station, and us, the countless tourists mixed with the poverty. It was not a culture shock, it was a culture bomb.

I refused to pay. And moved on.

But it didn’t end there. At that point, it all seemed like an isolated incident, like an inconvenience, that is a rare occurrence. Until we’ve got to Cairo…

The city of the dead…

Cairo counts for more than 10 million souls in the city area, and around 18 if you include the surrounding municipalities. Beside the beauties of Cairo, that has more than 1000 minarets, there was one intriguing part of the city. The City of The Dead. Those are basically the slums of the city, where the most impoverished people live.

As Cairo is African city, during the day, it is very hot, that hot that it’s unbearable. So the whole city lives by night. They are wide awake from 1AM all the way until the sun rises.

In the city of the dead, there are tens of people occupying the same room and sleeping in shifts.

And what made me drop my jaw, is to see such poverty on one end, and than turn my head around, to luck at the luxurious 7 star Hilton hotels of the city center. Such a huge contrast, and a never more obvious gap between the rich and the poor.

The moral of this story, in my own perspective

After seeing Cairo, I was grateful that I am living in Serbia. I’ve learned that despite it not being the best country in the world, I knew it was a giving country, where people aren’t forced to live bellow poverty guidelines.

To be honest, when people talk about poverty, I am convinced that they don’t know what poverty is. This city redefined the meaning of the word poverty to me. And made me afraid. Made me very afraid.

That type of fear that is moving me to action, that doesn’t let me sleep if I am not moving forward, away from that kind of hunger. Away from that kind of low level of education. It is pushing me to secure the fruits of knowledge to my children and their children.

It is inspiring me to work that much, so that these people can also rise up, and reap the benefits of dignifying human life. A life worth living.

It also made me realize how spoiled we the westerners are. Because after seeing that, I’ve never considered my country an Eastern country.

When your level of education is so low, when your level of understanding the world is indoctrinated by the propaganda, I believe that you don’t even comprehend what being free really means.

Final thoughts

Ignorance is not a bliss, it’s an atrocity. Those who are ignorant and ingrate, are the same people who are going to bring you down. We need to fight the ignorance and decadent behaviors. We need to prevent ourselves falling into complacency, because ultimately it will lead us into iman impoverished state of mind, stripping us away from our God’s given right, a right to live up to our fullest potential.

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

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