How does it look when you write 5000+ words in one day…

The one and only measure of my productivity for the day is how much I wrote. And today I’ve breached that record. I’ve written around 5000 words today, and keep pushing that limit. Out of those 5000, 2k has been published and 1k schedule.

I am exhausted pretty much. I’ve been out of the house for the whole day, but my writing was the primary thing in my mind, and laptop allowed for some mobile work. And still is. Going to sleep with the keyboard in my head and mind, pushing words through, while I sleep.

The goal and determination to make it

That is all that matters. And when you are making those days that push all limits, you notice how much change they put on you. How more meaningful your existence can be. Now I am starting to fully live Alpha Efficiency instead of writing about it.

That is the point, living your words to the fullest while being mindful of your actions. Going through the roof and breaching your comfort zone. The deal is, I haven’t landed where I want to be yet, and every effort that isn’t contributing to landing there is a second of life wasted.

Increasing focus

The focus has been extremely important in accomplishments of today. Luckily I’ve gained a lucky streak with Pomodoro technique. I’ve managed to push 5 timed Pomodoro’s and I would say that I went along with another one of full focus on writing that I wasn’t measuring.

My goal was 10k words in one day, something that still seems unobtainable, and would require superhuman effort on my end, but somehow I know that there is space for improvement up till that point. That is the dedication and that is paying the price. Success comes in daily increments. Sometimes small, but true success comes from those big sacrifices.

Not managing to get everything done

Somehow yet, when you focus on one thing other things become lost through the cracks. And that is also fine. It shouldn’t guilt trip anyone who is steering on the right path. The person that knows where he is going, will find a way to do something, above other things. When you have your priorities straight, you just stop feeling guilty about not getting things done, that is irrelevant.

Relevancy is a long forgotten art form in decision making. People don’t know what is relevant anymore, we are sucking up advertising badly. We’re mindless sheep buying yet another consumer product after another in hopes and aspirations of fixing our wrongs.

Avoiding guilt

But the fact remains, nothing is wrong with us, except with our minds that think that we are inadequate. Forget the guilt, the guilt is a social construct. It’s not relevant human emotion. It’s a negative emotion. And in this case, it’s extremely important avoiding this emotion for productivity, that is why I am talking about it in the first place.

Removing guilt, and letting yourself fly free is the best thing you will allow yourself to do. Stop feeling guilty, and make a firm decision, that today you will do what matters, and not feeling guilty about skipping all those things that are completely irrelevant to you. Commit to your own long-term happiness. It comes at a price.

So how did I do this?

Apart from neglecting some of my daily chores on other fronts, I’ve also managed to do this, by shutting down internal distractions, first and foremost this was the biggest time sink, as I could seldom dive into daydreaming, or thinking about the future, instead of the current moment and current word.

Being absent is the mutilator of the writer’s flow. In order to accomplish this, I vibe well with the music. I’ve turned on a random Radio station on Spotify, but any kind of radio will do for this purpose. Shutting off everything unnecessary was also a key. There were no email distractions, no social media notifications, literally nothing to the best of my ability. And of course, My blind typing skills certainly helped.

Final thoughts

Ego tripping from all of this work done. Certainly, I am. But the polish on the articles isn’t as good, as when I invest time to properly edit them and give them some thought. Most of this writing comes straight from my head, with no preparation or revision what-so-ever. Is it good? I have no idea, and sometimes I wanna act like Blenderhead and just hit publish without too much thinking. If somebody doesn’t like it, fuck it. I can’t and won’t appease everyone. This is designed to help you if you can’t extract the value out of it, then this is not the thing for you, and you can click the X right away. On the other hand, if this does help you, you’re welcome to serve yourself, with as many articles as I can humanly write. And inhumanly too. Whatever I achieve first.