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Lazy Man’s Way To Habit Creation

I wanted to write an extensive article about habits. Habits are your stairway to success, and maintaing them and growing them is one of the fundamental characteristics of people who know what it takes to get where they want. Are you one of those people? Or at least do you want to become one of those people? If you are like me, your answer is yes! So let’s get down to habit creation!

Why do we form bad habits? There is a direct link between a habit and motivation. These two form a pillar for creation of something that majority of people call self discipline. Self discipline is created by an act of habit, not by an act of willpower. But in order to create a habit you need to start breaking up your behavior and thought patterns. Your mind has a certain way of going through out your day. He is helping you maintain the most comfortable life experience to it’s abilities. What your lazy mind doesn’t know, that immediate satisfaction is not the same as long term results.


Therefore if you want to do something that is not comfortable, your mind will try to prevent you, or make you delay it. To infinity if possible. Now, instead of fighting with your mind, you will have to trick him into working with you, rather than against you. Your subconscious is working in mysterious way, but one is certain, you can use carrot and a stick in order to get him going.

Carrot in this case is visualization of a prize, and instant gratification, once the task is done. Stick on the other hand is manipulating the fear tendencies within you in order to achieve the behavior opposite of the one right now. If you ever catch yourself happily being lazy and slacking around, remind yourself how awful your existence is going to be. How that behavior is never going to be sustainable, and just put yourself to action.

Before you form any habit, you need to develop a habit of motivating yourself. This habit alone will prevent many wrong doings within yourself and will prevent the formation of further bad habits. In order to achieve this and you aren’t an avid reader as I am, my recommendation would be to start daily motivational clips. Your daily motivation is like food, you have to eat it every single day.


Don’t wait for life pushing you into motivating yourself. It’s your responsibility, it’s your DUTY! Don’t let the empty stomach be your daily motivation, do it yourself. Or the planet will do it instead of you. Start moving, get in action. Even the tiniest movement can set you in motion and create momentum!

Join me. Get motivated, start moving!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

8 responses to “Lazy Man’s Way To Habit Creation

  1. What you write about here is crucial to every individual. Period. It is true how you say that self-discipline is created by an act of habit as opposed to being created by willpower. If you ask me willpower is just something that people who do not understand this process refer to as. They see you making some movement instead of just being, and instantly go for the explanation that it is will power that moves you ahead. I guess nobody wants to know about habits being behind all of that, and that this is rather an ongoing process instead of momentary spark.

    People always want to know the short path. That’s why nobody listens when we start talking about habits, and doing things on the long run; create the habits, stick with them, nurture the self-discipline… Great post.

    1. Thank you Slavo for the words of encouragement! Glad to see that more people are demystifying the power of self discipline as something that is not hard, but rather a long and steady process to success.

  2. Wow, Bojan, I love this statement: Even the tiniest movement can set you in motion and create momentum! That is really reassuring since I have trouble getting in gear. To think I only have to make the tiniest movement is very helpful.

  3. Hi Bojan,

    Motivation seems a to be a major problem for so many people.  I don’t think motivation itself is the problem.  I believe there are some blocks in place which need to be cleared.  Good post.  It’s a good idea to develop the daily habit habit of motivating yourself.  I like that.


  4. I take a page from the Canadian Mounted Police exercise manual. They say start slow. Exercise once a week. When that gets comfortable, increase it. The same applies to ANYTHING you want to bring to your life habits!

  5. Bojan,

    It’s always the escape velocity stuff that kicks in when you try to form new habits (like a rocket that is trying to escape the gravity).

    I’m currently experiencing this as I quit using sugar in my diet and in the beginning it takes some “rocket power” to deal with the new situation. However, once you get past the invisible wall (depending of the habit of course), things get smoother.

    Great post man!


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