Great Call Reminder that you need, Pakoomba for Android

It takes a lot for me to expand my productivity ecosystem. Within my Android system, there are already too many apps: Evernote, Dropbox, Xmarks, LastPass,  Instafetch… What I really don’t want is yet another half productive productivity application. I spend some time during week testing out new apps and Jacob Broido found me and asked me to do a review of his great piece of software.

Unlike many other applications where you need to go through a learning curve of using the new software, with Pakoomba, all you need to do is install it and you are good to go! For a young application developed by 2 persons alone, it’s lethal.

Job of Pakoomba call reminder is to handle and scheudele your calls, and it does a damn good job at it. Period. Pakoomba call reminder respects all guidelines of my philosophy, when it comes to productivity. It’s has widget that allows you to set up a reminder for yourself, which is totally in line with 1 click philosophy. It’s intuitive, easy to learn. And on top of it all, it integrates with your phone seeamlessly, while not taking up any of your RAM.

While it’s still young application it has huge potential. Cusotmization is awesome and I will tell you a way I use it. All calls that I want to be reminded of, I schedule for tomorrow. Afterwards, I go to settings and let all random phone calls to remind me during my phone call hours.

These are good enough reasons to have it on your phone. It’s intelligent piece of software and it’s really helpful, even for those people who aren’t productivity enthusiasts.

Check it out on App Brain or on Android Market, download it, give it a shot, I promise you won’t regret it.