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Alpha Efficiency strongly suggests use of Google Chrome browser. It’s way faster than Mozilla and with latest addition of various extensions it’s usability is skyrocketing also. It’s minimalistic design and speed will help you stay on track. If you have multiple machines that you are running, for example, desktop and laptop, or computer at work, you can sync all of these, so your browser has exactly the same data on all 3 of them, without thinking about it.

I am using Chrome since early beta, even prior to my heavy computer use, and I must say it’s getting better and better every day. So you ask me, how will Google Chrome make me more productive? Because it’s going to offer you smoothest, fastest and most intuitive browsing experience you ever had. I used to be a huge fan of Mozilla back in the days, but stability and versatile sync cover up for it. Chrome has it flaws.

If you want your passwords safe, do not use “save password” option in Chrome, because that way all of your passwords are going to be available to anyone who sits on your computer. For password management I recommend you use LastPass or KeePass. If you are worried about your password management, stay tuned, I will write reviews and tutorials of these 2 services in next articles. Password management is biggest issue for Chrome but it’s easily solvable. Second issue is that I don’t thrust Google that much, I see it as a form of Spyware, Google was sued at the release of Chrome for sending private data to Google Data Centers. But Google already knows a lot about your search history already, so if you are not worried about Google handling your browser, I recommend using Chromium open source alternative, but I am not sure you will be covered with latest extensions and improvements.


Another flaw is that Chrome lacks some addons that Mozilla has, but that difference in numbers is decreasing on daily basis, because more and more developers are coding extensions. You can assume that most extensions that you download from official website are safe and with newly introduced Web App store, for Chrome OS users.

Among all Google products, I am most fond of Chrome.
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