Reducing Distractions by Going Full Screen For All Apps in OSX

I like some limitations of the iPad, and I’ve noticed they’ve significantly upgraded my usage of the applications, and made me less distracted. By focusing on single tasking, as opposed to multi-tasking, you are headed in the direction of getting more done. So I decided to import these distractions from iPad onto my OS X.

So now, instead of having multiple desktops for my work environment, I opted to have only one desktop for those “multi-app” tasks. Everything else is going to happen in full screen. So my Mission Control looks something like this:

Setup of Mission Control

All APP’s are full screen

And my writing environment looks something like this:

Blank Byword Full Screen OS X Mountain Lion

This way I have clear indication have I been productive or not. If the screen is blank, it needs more work, if screen is full, than it makes me happy. This is allowing me FULL focus.

Distractions are subtle, I am not referring that when you have regular multi window screen open, that you are getting distracted, but there is that cluttered view, that is being caught by your peripheral vision, and diverts subconsciously, or sometimes even consciously. This does the job for me.

What about you? How does your workflow setup looks like?


  1. workathomeefficiently says

    Very cool. I believe mission control is unique to the Lion operating system (I’m still on Leopard).

    I try to get the same effect using spaces (one app per screen). But I think it’s time for me to upgrade.