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Getting The Ball Rolling… Lesson From Consistency

When I started this blog, it required a lot of hard work to get it going. It took me ages to acquire any single reader, it took me ages to put the word out. And I was building connections with other bloggers daily. At some point, all of that effort started to pay off. It took me a whole year to get where I am now. I think I could have done better, had I given more in. But the fact still remains, that I kept doing it. At this point, I am not worried at my blog at all. I give in an article or two here and there, and I still sense the insane growth. The more time passes by, the less work it requires.

Not only that time invested shrieked, it also takes me way less time to write something of high quality, than it used. Before I was investing hours upon hours into assembling the meaningful article, now it takes me less than an hour. More quality, and more quantity. Because blogging became my second nature.

The same is with your business. The more time you put in, the more you put out. It is the law of paying up front. There are no true instant gratifications in life, except the chocolate ūüėČ But even that one isn’t good for you, if used in excess. Delayed pleasure is one of the most important productivity secrets that you can learn from¬†successful¬†people. Being productive is delaying the pleasure today, for the benefit of not having to work tomorrow. But in order to get the avalanche started, you have to fuel your work with passion.

Because, only and only if you are crazy enough, you can transmute your dreams into reality. Productivity comes natural for passionate leaders. Productivity is not something you do, it is something you are. In order to achieve that level of your improved self, you have to start with radical honesty. You have to stop lying to yourself and wake up. Set your priorities straight, and stop making up excuses. If something is important, that thing is going to get done first, not other way around. There is nothing more important than you completing your goal and dream.

Goals, dreams and passions change through life. But one of the most important goals to me, and what should be the main priority for many people out there, is how to get out of the rat race. Once you are out of the rat race, you can work out of complete joy, and live with the complete sense of freedom!

Brian Djordjevic
About The Author

Brian Dordevic

Bojan is Marketing Strategic Planner with a passion for all things digital. Feel free to follow him on Twitter or schedule a consultation call with him.

8 responses to “Getting The Ball Rolling… Lesson From Consistency

  1. Great piece of writing you have here. And you touched all the good points, and it simply makes sense. 
    I love when you say this “Delayed pleasure is one of the most important productivity secrets that you can learn from¬†successful¬†people.”
    And while many of us are convincing ourselves that that is never about to happen, we are only looking for a reason why not to invest in us, in our time, in our work. Great motivational post indeed.

    1. Always good to have you here @SlavkoDesik:disqus ! I am proud that you learn something new every time you drop by here.

      Keep in mind, that only threat to your blogging efforts is not believing in what you want to achieve! 

  2. I agree.¬† I’ve found the same thing has happened with me and my blog too.¬† At first it was hard to put everything together for the site, write the posts and build an audience.¬† But gradually things get to where they work and the ball just gets rolling.¬† Now I really don’t need to do as much promotion as I used to.

    I think a lot of things are like this in life.¬† If you just get the ball rolling, you’ll find that more things eventually start to happen with less effort.

    1. I am not too old with my blog. But, I can see that day by day as I show consistency, my words keep on reaching more and more people … the magic of internet is that you can actually see the interaction going on beyond borders.

  3. I’ve been out of the “rat race” as you call it Bojan for over a decade and I love EVERY DAY, but I also was blessed with a fun and exciting former career. Consistency is a key to success in business…I am applying it to my new efforts in Social Media but the outcome is less important to me as long as I continue to learn, enjoy, and maybe touch a person or two along the way…

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